Superior Position of Switzerland Watch Industry

October 31st, 2010 | watches |

In the watch kingdom of the world, nobody would ignore the well-known watch brands from Switzerland. Such watches may share the same point for expensive price and elaborate handicraft. However, the watch industry would not be the native one originating from such land. So how the watch manufacturing would gain the leading or even monotonous position in the world market today?

At the end of 16th century, French watch makers came to Switzerland with the craft to integrate the industry of local gold and silver jewelry industry. Gradually the watch manufacturing industry was formed. At the first stage, the manufacturing is on a basis of purified hand-making. In 1845, the mechanism was applied to the industry, since then it had become a modern industry. Switzerland watch manufacturing would pay attention on the innovation and research on latest technology. In order to compete with the fierce competition in the world market, they found the electronic watch manufacturing center and research institution for R&D, which ensure a great amount of innovation for the world. For instance, the first quartz watch of the world in 1967, the earliest LCD digital display technology, the thinnest watch by the thickness of 1mm, and the body temperature battery for watch, etc.

In the high-level watch area, Switzerland watch manufacturing industry even dedicates to the special purpose and meaning for the tailor-made research on luxury and unique watch. Just like the one for American buyer with the carving of Statue of Liberty, the moon symbol for the giant wealth of Arabic world.

Meanwhile, Switzerland watch would be with the impressive and sound marketing strategy to illustrate the outstanding disposition of watch and the ideal to be perfect, extreme and successful. Take OMEGA for example, it insists on the spirit of brave innovation and the obedience for traditional beauty at the same time. With the purpose of being outstanding and transferring the sense of success, it has invited lots of famous people from sportsmen to entertainment pop stars as the representative of the brand. Such kind of professional advertisement would be also the vial means for Switzerland watch industry to take a lead for fashion world.