Nixon Watches

October 17th, 2010 | watches |

A newly established company in California in 1997 by the joint effort of Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna, Nixon is an accessories company that is committed to producing more excellent goods for the youth lifestyle market. Originally the company mainly majored in manufacturing watches for professionals in surfing, skating, snowboarding, skiing, and fashion stores. In 2000, Nixon occupied more market share by launching limited softgoods. In January of 2006, Nixon was bought out by Billabong International for around $54.6 million American dollars. Now Nixon is a international company with business in more than twenty-five countries.
Nixon watches are mainly crafted for outdoor activities, and they have gained soaring popularity with their purchase by Billabong. At one time Nixon watches were once classified into a categorized system with such notable names as business and elite. Recently their watch line mainly consits of three categories, including men¡¯s, women¡¯s as well as elite types.
Nixon watches differ a lot in function and style. A great number of watch styles have been innovated or have been withdrawn from the market place. Current watch selections will often have several different styles for the same production model.
Above all, Nixon is ranked at the forefront in watch production and sales. Though relatively new in the watch making industry, they have succeed in becoming a first rate supplier for accessories. Their products range from simple seeming watches such as the Time Tell P to the heavy metal 51-30 divers range.
Unlike other watch companies in the market, Nixon spares no effort in creating bold new designs. Some of them do not even use numbers and only rend either a dot or the hands for viewing. These watches are quite faithful and accurate as you can see from the two novelties from this line, including the Newton and the Vega.