How to Keep Your Leather Belts in Good Condition

January 6th, 2011 | watches |

A belt is usually made of leather or heavy cloth, which is worn around the waist. People not only use a belt to keep and support trousers and other clothes, but also use a belt for style and decoration. Thus, a belt has become an inevitable chic item in fashion world. A genuine leather belt with advanced and fashionable design of buckle often costs a lot. As a result, you should properly use it if you want to keep it in good condition and make full use of it.

1. You¡¯d better not tie your belt too tight. Otherwise, your belt would be elongated and easy to be out of shape.

2. You should not touch your metal buckle with your sweaty hand. Iduronate which caused by sweat would tarnish metal.

3. You should also bear in mind that long-time use of a certain belt hole would make it become ugly and affect the whole effect and appearance of your belt.

4. In summer, it is easy for your belt to be ruined due to sweat stains. In order to prevent your belt from being chapped and senile, darkening and lack of luster, and even harden, you should be careful.

5. For those leather belts that you seldom use, you should hang them up vertically to keep them in good shape. Besides, you should maintain proper ventilation to protect against mould and moisture.

6. When your metal belt gets dirty, you¡¯d better erase it smoothly with TWEED. No scrubbing is needed, even to remove the toughest stains. You should never use wet cloth to wipe it energetically. Otherwise, it would lose luster and be lack of its beauty.

In short, leather belt is a practical single item in showing your beauty and style. What¡¯s more, it is a real art in our life. The more you know about it, the better taste you will have. You should appreciate it with an artistic eye. You should love it with an artistic emotion. Only in this way can you take advantage of the beauty and fashionable elements of your belt.