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December 4th, 2010 | watches |

A watch is to a man what cloth is to woman. A watch is more a timepiece than a accessories that it reflect a person¡¯s taste, fortune, and social background. There are many difference between men¡¯s watch and women¡¯s watches, which could be distinguished through the facts listed below.
Men¡¯s watch emphasize on its functions. Watches designed for man usually have more functions than that designed for women. A watch contains more technologies such as weatherglass, height gauge can draws the eyes easily because men pay more attention to the practical functions of watch. While women seem to show no too much interest on watch¡¯s function. More often they accept it as a time keeper and a accessories, so it is not surprised to see that women¡¯s watch is fancy or gaudy. In many cases, women wear a watch on the purpose to make themselves more attractive.
In the color aspects, a single, high purity cold tone is the mainstream of men¡¯s watches. Black is priority color in designing men¡¯s watch. However, the dark tone which men highly regard is not cared too much by women. They commonly have keen interest of painted and technicolored watches. Women¡¯s watch often leads a fashion with its exquisite design.
Men¡¯s watches are usually bigger than women¡¯s. Mans watches straps are thick and their colors are all dark tone. However, woman¡¯s watches straps are thin and their colors are painted. Generally, men¡¯s watches are designed to have more lines and edges, which reflect the men¡¯s machismo. While women¡¯s watches are designed with soft line, apply palely, romantic integral feeling so that they can sets female¡¯s figure off to advantage.