Why All Women Love LV Bags

February 17th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

LV is not new anywhere since its fame has been spreading in the whole world for a long time, and we can say all women would like to own a LV bag although the price of LV bag is very high.
Tip 1 power of big brand 
Big brand such as LV can have power of changing dullness into magic, take an example, the straw-weaved bags are quite common in oriental coutries, and there is nobody would have interest in them, but after imprinted with a LV logo, these bags would be eyecatching anywhere, and the price of which would be amplified by many times.
Tip 2 simple but trendy design 
Take a look at any LV bag, you can find that the design and style is not complicated, but the simple design can insert magic charming into LV bags. And for almost every fashion-in, the simple design is a trendy adb fashionable symbol. And the first rank of designers for LV bags such as Marc Jacobs are another highlight for popularity of LV among so many celebrities and common people. These famous designers always can grasp trendy elements from the streets and blend them into the designs which can give us vigour and vitality.
Tip 3 good texture
By virtue of first class of material, the texture of LV bags are quite good. Take the LV weaved bags for example, this style of bag makes use of top animal leather such as snake fur, which can distinguish it from common plastic material.
Tip 4 personal taste
No doubt that taking a LV bag can show your tatse and status, take a glance at those celebrities and movies stars, who would always take their LV bags anywhere. In fashion circle, LV is the pronoun of status and taste for its longevity and fame.