Tips for Choosing a Quartz Watch

May 22nd, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Tips for Choosing a Quartz Watch

Nowadays, more and more people take the quartz watch into their consideration when planning to buy a watch. However, it is not uncommon to see them hesitating to make a choice in front of the counter. And it is because that they do not know how to make a choice. Here I will list several tips about how to pick a good quartz watch or what aspects you should pay attention.

First of all, it is a must for you to see whether the watch carries the trademark, the name of factory and the certification of fitness. No one should be missed and the authenticity of them also should be paid attention to. Secondly, you should check its appearance carefully to see if it is delicate enough, including checking the dial plate, the flat glass and the rear cove to make sure they are tighten up enough, and the whole surface to make sure it has no scratches or other flaws. At last, the watch strap should be stressed when checking in order to ensure its flexibility for using.

What’s more, the quality assortment of the quartz watch should be taken into consideration, too. A quartz watch in top grade is made of wolfram carbide, sapphire flat glass, and 18k gold, which can never be abraded. While a mid-range one is made and produced in China with an imported movement. When it comes to the low-grade quartz watch, its movement is also made in China instead of foreign countries.

Most imported quartz watches are made in Japan, which can be featured as advanced materials for production, fine appearance, good shine, low rate of repairs, accurate timekeeping and complete functions. However, most counterfeits are made of many various materials with the plastic movement. Besides, errors often appear during the process of assembling. Therefore, such watches cannot be accurate and waterproof, airproof or dustproof.