From a Girl to a Woman – Perfume Effect

June 30th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

The power of perfume brand can’t be describes as “super” or “luxury”. I think that brand is neither good nor bad. The question is only itself’s price tragedy. For best-sold brands, the perfumes they launched aimed at different target customers and influenced by fashion trends of different periods exactly have different tastes, but the essence has something in common. Especially quality of the perfume designer or the flavorists has the crucial effect on the brand power. For example, perfumes of Hermes before 2003 are dignified and low-key, but after the famous flavorist Jean-Claude Ellena come, perfumes from Hermes change the style to simplicity. When Chanel is alive, the scents of perfumes are not proud of their gentleness and sexuality. No matter no.5 or no.19 is the symbol of independent women.

Lestee Lauder started her career almost with nothing. The unofficial history recorded that she claimed to be a member of high class in society. With the unique American bluntness, the Lestee Lauder perfumes almost featured as “I am the most beautiful one and worship me quickly.” Dior and Guerlain are the innovative experts. They have a lot of fashion products. Yves Saint Lauder is rebellious; Jean Paul Gaultier is sexy and charming; Armani is popular.

This year, Lancome launched its new fragrance Magnifique. That is heatedly discussed and was brought into focus. It is an adult gift that Lancôme sent to young girls who wish to grow up. They choose Anne Hathaway who is in the transition period from a girl to a woman as their spokesman. That makes it to the point.

Several Charming Fendi Watches for Women

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Fendi is very popular among men and women depending on its unique charms, and its every product could win people’s hearts the moment it appears on the market. Though Fendi is so popular, it still holds its original conception that it only makes unique and charming products in high quality, making customers feel pleasant to take them. Apart from bags, Fendi watches also take an important role in the world of watches now, and next I will introduce several charming Fendi watches for women.

Fendi Crazy Carats Wrist Watch, a Perfect Item for Women

Fendi presented its Crazy Carats to people all over the world happily. I am sure that all people were surprised by such graceful and creative design at the first sight since it was so outstanding and amazing item even in the history of Swiss watches crafts. It took polished watch case in stainless steel for the first time, and it was also equipped with two watch heads for adjusting the time and rotating gem scale respectively. Additionally, Crazy Carats watch was equipped with unique patented device that women could change gems as long as they wiggle the watch head. Gems have three tones for options, including diamonds, rubies and sapphires for matching clothes and occasions conveniently. What’s more, customers could also choose to decorate top diamonds on the watch ring to match with polished watch band in stainless steel. Fendi Crazy Carats watch is a perfect item for women, and it not only has noble style of jewelry but also has outstanding timing technology, and it could bring extreme charms to women.

B. Fendi Watch, Perfect Combination of Fashion and Accuracy

This watch combines fashion and accuracy perfectly, making women fall in love with it at the first sight. The watch case was made of 316L fine steel while the watch mirror was made of sapphire crystal glass in high hardness. What’s more, the watch handle was equipped with double F patterns and a hanging ornament in heart shape. Such a perfect watch could make women charming and fashionable all the time.

Fresh Fashion Fabric In The Next Spring And Summer

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The four major Fashion Weeks Of Spring 2011 has come to an end. There are many different fabrics in vogue. Gain an acquaintance of them to keep space with the latest trend. And you will the fun of the fresh fashion in spring and summer.

First one is the denim element. Denim has become a permanent element in females’ wardrobe and its presence is all year round. Phoebe Philo formally launched denim jumpsuit at the third quarter of his joining Céline. It is quite surprising that she did not continue series of composite colors of the early spring. There are many big fans of denim fabric and Stella McCartney is an crazy enthusiast.

Then there comes the “Metal decorations”. It sounds quite frightening as if the burdens on woman are heavier. In fact, the effect is contrary. No matter it is the pin, copper metal or black Asian gold sequin, bright costume jewelry, it seems heavy but in fact very light. After all, what the clothing designer show is the dressmaking standard, rather than challenge the limits capacity of women.

Next is the leather and fur. It is not magic to wear leather and fur in summer. In fact, anomalous materials are extensively used this season. Prada even convince that fur shawl for summer dresses is the new fashion. It seems that most designers want women to be Hercules, and also to own the characteristics of no scaring of the changeable temperature.

Two years later, tassels are back to the sight lines again and are still formidable. Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson and other fashion houses are favored in the orderly cutting fringed leather. Louis Vuitton majorly introduces the fine sequined tassels while Versace is inclined to the slender tassels which are as thin as hairs.

Feathers are the most unexpected creative fabric in this season. Thanks to Lemarié plumes Workshop, Chanel has become the most meritorious statesman in this trend. Whether it is the thin yellow goose feather, black feathers of the Gothic style, or orange powder hair-like feathers, the sense of these light and fluffy textures are always amazing.