Watch Shopping Guide – Two Useful Tips and Advice

March 17th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Every man is desired for a watch. We know watch is not only useful, but also has been becoming a fashion accessory. Do you think of buying a wristwatch? Do you want to be fashion than the others? Do you feel confused about all kinds of styles and brands? Now it is the best choice for you to come here. I have several practical guidelines for you to buy the suitable watch for you, hoping I can help you to choose the best watch.
First, you should consider the watch shape. Although they all called wristwatch, the shape is different. We can see the heart-shaped watch, rectangular watch, circle shaped watch, and many other shaped watch. And the size of these watches is also different. Whatever the shaped watch you may choose, if you are a little bit fat, remember to the large one, if you are slim, you should choose the small one. Only in this way, you are looked in a harmonious condition.
Second, you should consider the kinds of watch. We know there are two major watch types, one is quartz, and the other one is mechanical. Mechanical watch is very popular in the old days. Nowadays, these two watches are very popular. These two watches have different advantages and disadvantages. Quartz watch is more accurate than the mechanical one, it seldom slow because the power of it is battery. And it is more expensive than the similar mechanical watches. The only thing you need to do is changing the battery when it is out of power. Compared to quartz watch, mechanical watch will slow several minutes after several months. But it does not need battery; it can go very well automatically. You can choose the one according to your interest and the one you like most.