Wedding Shoes Start Your Happiness

March 31st, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Wedding is a important but is always ignored by brides, many bride misunderstand, they think that wedding hose should be luxury and they just wear them once in wedding. Actually, a pair of elegant wedding shoes can be worn not only in wedding but also in daily life, and these shoes will witness your happiness.

Do you know there are 7 No rules in choosing wedding shoes?

Not too high

No matter which kind of shoes heel you like, wedding shoes heel cannot be too high, it usually in 3 to 5 cm. then it will be comfortable and beautiful, and also you will wear them frequently after your wedding.

Not to ordinary

Embroider, paillette, flowers and patent leather factors all are important content brides should be considerate when choosing wedding shoes, dull and out date style should be forbidden, so, make your wedding fashion。


Not too gloomy

When choosing colors, red, purple and silver should be the best, and some gloomy colors cannot be play such an important role in your wedding, also black is the great tabu in wedding in east culture.

Not be lack of vamp and shoelace

To be convenient in wedding activities of brides, vamp and lace wedding shoes should be equipped, or some embarrassed situation can be break your wedding.


Not be too complex or too simple

It means your wedding dress and wedding shoes should be matched well, if your wedding dress is made of complex lace, then your wedding shoes should be simple, or your wedding dress is a simple style, then, your wedding shoes should be added some other factors.


Not leave them unused

After you buying your wedding shoes, many brides will leave them unused, it is not a go habit, brides should wear them after buying them, new shoes always make feet pain, so, this should not be happened in your wedding.


Not too hard material

When choosing wedding shoes, except for style and colors, shoes material also is an important thing, it is better to choose cow leather or sheep leather, you will feel comfortable when you wear them, if your shoes material is hard, you will feel uncomfortable.