The Hottest Love Cups for Valentine’s Day 2011!

March 10th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Looking for something special and new for your dearest on Valentine’s Day? Want to show your sincere and true love to your sweet heart? Here is your answer!

Valentine’s Day is a day so loving and special, and the gift you prepare is not necessarily too expensive but has to be unique enough to show your romance, passion and love. Some fine cute little things will be presented below, do not miss them!

Aha! Love cups for your Valentine’s Day!

Look at this fun one — Black Mustache and Red Lip!

The design of the cup is simple but with a lot of fun! The pure white body of the cup with black mustache on one and a red lip print on the other which can represent male and female respectively. Sending the cup to your beloved may add more joy and happiness to your life! And the cups may always remind you that you are in love and happy with each other!

Kissing cups

Lovely? Featuring the face portrait of a boy and a girl kissing sweetly and the red heart-shaped holder, every aspect of the cups is showing love, romance and happiness.

Mr. and Mrs.

With model of written characters “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on the white cup body, you can choose to the right one for you and your beloved. The cup openings are different from each other. The cup for Mr. is with a round opening, while the other one is selenodont which can perfectly symbolize the feminine beauty. The heart-shaped handlers of the cup also show the theme of love for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-shaped love cup

With the symmetrical design of the heart-shaped cup, this pair of cups appeals a lot. The delicate design of the heart cup opening and body can show your unique elegant personal taste. Just image the cup is filled with fragrant coffee, the sheen of the cup and the coffee serve as a foil to each other. Along with the coffee aroma, your love will be more sweet and intoxicating.