A Unique Introduction Of 3 Ball Gowns

June 26th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Ball Gown Strapless Beading Embroidery Taffeta Organza

Do you want to do sports in the wedding?

There are many types of ball gowns, but this is the most popular one. Look at the whole image especially the part above the waist, by which any of women will be attracted. Without straps,  brides are enjoying the freedom. Embroidered by the beading, this dress makes brides’ face sparkle. If brides are proud of their bust, it will be the best choice. Below the waist, unsymmetrical design forms a natural look. Using taffeta organza makes this dress look very light like a piece of cloud on the sky. Wearing it in a spring time is strongly recommended. While all the plants are green, all the flowers are colourful, all the architecture is bright, and all the people’s faces are sunny, a bride will become a diamand among them. In contrast, it is suitable to get closer to and interactive with gusts. If the HIGHT moment is coming such as lifting up a bride, it will be the most convenient. Well, it will be a sportive dress especially in a warm season.

Ball Gown V-neck Ruffles Accent Train Satin Chiffon

Sexy, but Elegant; Mature, but Feminine

The first impression of V-neckline is sexy. Indeed, it is. The busts are lifted up while the neck looks longer. The entire image is strengthen to be elegant, and feminine. The part above the waist is designed with ruffles, which is formed a V shape in accordance with the neckline. The fabric used in the ball gown is a key sparkle, train satin chiffon. Its biggest advantage is to make a bride look pure and mature. Look at the part under the waist, where ruffles are used once again. It is consistent to the design. Without any beading, the ball gown is still very enthralling. It is truly a boon for those women who are over 30 years old with an admirable social status. They are more rational and satisified. After having experienced a lot in the society, they need more steady life. Choosing this simple-lined ball gown will make a bride more confident and more controlled. Autumn is the best season to wear it, because a bride throughout all the surroudings demonstrate their rich fulfilment.

Ball Gown Square Neckline With Lace Cap Sleeves

You, the Princess in My Life

Lace always represents a kind of royal atmosphere. In fact, it has been popular in the European royal wedding for many year. The princesses and the queen are fond of putting the elements of lace in their formal or casual dresses. Thus, the greatest highlight of this ball gown at first glance is its lace cap sleeves. No matter from the front or from the back of the body, a bride looks well fitted and shaped. It is the best choice for those young women who are exquisite and always dream that one day they will become somebody’s princess. So this design can be called a dream dress which produces a stunning appearance. Another sparkly element is its square neckline. Here it is not sweetheart as the expectation, because the princess is always elegant and graceful in the heart. Last but not least, there is no beading throughout the ball gown. It is a smart design, because the princess is young and pure. A bride should become the central of all will become someone’s lifetime princess.