The Effective Ways of Purchasing a Hat

May 26th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Generally speaking, fashionable jewelry and funky handbags are the two major partners for all the women. But now, hats are also added into people’s accessories list. And many times, choosing a perfect and ideal hat may be quite easy. But sometimes, it is also a difficult and hard thing for us. At the very beginning, we cannot realize the importance of the hats. And now, we should concentrate on choosing the best hat for our wardrobe. As far as I am concerned, the key to select a special and eye-catching hat is the balance. That is to say, you have to consider the other factors which include the face shapes, body shapes and you’re the wardrobes. And here are several simple and useful tips for you to choose the ideal hats.

For petite bodies, you can choose the ones with smaller brims and lower crowns. And they can make you more graceful and eye-catching. In this case, those big size hats are no longer your prey. Certainly, if you are very tall, that shorter crown hat will be suitable for you completely.

Besides, the face shapes should be also considered firstly. As e all know, there are many types’ shapes in the world, for the round shaped face, a angular hats with lower brim will be the best on for them, there is no doubt that long faced people need the floppy hats and curled hats to hide their faults. All the time, the beautiful oval faces are regarded as the lucky one and all of the hats can match with this face nicely.

In the end, the size of hats is another important element for you. If it too tight, it cannot help you to improve your beauty. Of course, if they are too large, they can also reduce your mark in an important occasion. 21 inch is the common and proper size for all women; you have to select the reasonable one depending on your preference.

Many times, hats can also reflect your personal taste and style perfectly. So it is quite vital for all of us. Do you think so?