Environmentally Friendly Fashion High Heels

July 2nd, 2011 | Uncategorized |

All along, we have always attached importance to environmental protection as the topic. In recent years, with the increasing serious environmental pollution, environmental protection has become the world’s issues.

Therefore, people should not only pay attention to be fashionable but also environmentally friendly. I am very pleased to find several stylish and environmentally friendly summer high heels.

This kind of high heels not only looks stylish, but with a large number of environmentally friendly materials. Nature and fashion combination makes one refresh. Its design is very interesting. Bamboo and wood as the material. Add new color and heel unique stitching design, full of fascinating fashion feelings. Besides, because it is readily available materials, simple, it has low production costs, saving resources. The combination of fashion and environmentally friendly shows it is trustworthy.

This is a stylish high heels environmentalism, which is based on the reproduction of the cans as the main material. It not only looks attractive, and very light. When you put it on you will have a pleasant feeling. Recyclable beverage cans are a very conducive environment for the packaging, and can be completely recycled. This means that high-heeled shoes of this material can be recycled and melts the next quarter, so you can make use of these materials to produce the new shoes. Not only fashionable but are cheap, you can say it is a new type of product.
Let us know a pair of more environmentally friendly fashion high heels which will definitely give you an eye-opening.
You might think this high heels looks simple, and there is nothing special. In fact if you look carefully, you will find this is a recycled plastic high heels. As we have seen, this shoe is a major recyclable plastic material.  This material is not only easy to get, cheap, but also can be recycled. This stylish and sexy high heels change the rustic past, and appear to be more generous, more stylish. It is worth to have a try.







Michael Jackson Fedora Hats Make You A Great Difference

April 17th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Michael Jackson is a household name in America. As we know, he was an American famous musician, singer, dancer, songwriter, and philanthropist. He made great contribution to music, dance, and fashion as well his publicized personal life, which have made him become a global figure in popular culture for more than forty years. In general, when he performed on the stage, he always worn a Fedora hat and a pair of gloves. Michael Jackson Fedora hats have become a classic in history. Therefore, Fedora hats have gained great popularity all over the world. But what do you know about Fedora hats? Then I will talk something about Fedora hats.

The fedora hat is made with creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. More importantly, it makes you feel soft and comfortable. Fedora hats also include those hats with a crown or with an indentation for the head in the top of the crown. In the early 20th century, fedora was considered as an upper-class accessory to match with clothes. In general, those hats that are made of straw or twill are also called fedoras, because they are similar with fedoras felt soft. Until 1910s, Fedoras began to be widespread. Later, Michael Jackson lets its popularity soar across the global.

I f you are a big fan of Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson Fedora hats let you deeply cherish the memory of your idol, Michael Jackson. When you look at the Fedora hats, it seems that you see Michael Jackson. So Michael Jackson lives in your heart forever. You also treated the Fedora hats as a great gift and souvenir to memorize Jackson. If you are a person who love following fashion, the Michael Jackson Fedora hats are you best choice. You wear a black suit, and the Fedora hats on the street, and all eyes are directed to you, because you are Miss or Mrs. Fashion.

In a word, the Michael Jackson Fedora hats will drive you even others around you crazy.

Fresh Fashion Fabric In The Next Spring And Summer

March 24th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

The four major Fashion Weeks Of Spring 2011 has come to an end. There are many different fabrics in vogue. Gain an acquaintance of them to keep space with the latest trend. And you will the fun of the fresh fashion in spring and summer.

First one is the denim element. Denim has become a permanent element in females’ wardrobe and its presence is all year round. Phoebe Philo formally launched denim jumpsuit at the third quarter of his joining Céline. It is quite surprising that she did not continue series of composite colors of the early spring. There are many big fans of denim fabric and Stella McCartney is an crazy enthusiast.

Then there comes the “Metal decorations”. It sounds quite frightening as if the burdens on woman are heavier. In fact, the effect is contrary. No matter it is the pin, copper metal or black Asian gold sequin, bright costume jewelry, it seems heavy but in fact very light. After all, what the clothing designer show is the dressmaking standard, rather than challenge the limits capacity of women.

Next is the leather and fur. It is not magic to wear leather and fur in summer. In fact, anomalous materials are extensively used this season. Prada even convince that fur shawl for summer dresses is the new fashion. It seems that most designers want women to be Hercules, and also to own the characteristics of no scaring of the changeable temperature.

Two years later, tassels are back to the sight lines again and are still formidable. Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson and other fashion houses are favored in the orderly cutting fringed leather. Louis Vuitton majorly introduces the fine sequined tassels while Versace is inclined to the slender tassels which are as thin as hairs.

Feathers are the most unexpected creative fabric in this season. Thanks to Lemarié plumes Workshop, Chanel has become the most meritorious statesman in this trend. Whether it is the thin yellow goose feather, black feathers of the Gothic style, or orange powder hair-like feathers, the sense of these light and fluffy textures are always amazing.