5 tips on how to maintain your LV bags

January 19th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

Have you ever worried about your LV bag because of the small flaws and the dimming gloss of it? It’s a truth that if you don’t take good care of your expensive bag, soon it will definitely looks like a cheapie. Here are some useful little tips for those who want to maintain their LV bags in good condition. Use these little tips at once, and you will get a brand new bag.

1. Genuine leather bags should be sent to a professional leatherware cleaning store periodically to get a complete cleaning and disinfection. The professionals will use disinfection lotion that can completely clean mould. Although you have to pay some fee for their service, it’s still worthy for you.

2. When your bag will not be used for a long time, you’d better fill it up with paper or cloth and then hang it up. This will maintain your bag in good shape. If the bag is laid flat somewhere, please make sure there is nothing pressing on it. For the bag is easy to wrinkle with something pressing on it.

3. When your bag gets wet in the rain, you can use a piece of clean cotton cloth to dry it off. If your bag gets dirty, there is a little trick to get it clean. That is using eraser. But you have to erase slowly and gently.

4. All the bags regardless of their materials should be dried in the shade after cleaning. Don’t expose the bag directly in sunshine for the purpose of drying quickly. Because the bag is very vulnerable after cleaning. If the bag is exposed directly in sunshine, the color of it will be easily faded. If the bag is made of genuine leather, the soft leather will become harden and crisp after dried in sunshine.

5. Take good care of the metal accessories and zippers. Once the metal accessories and zippers have been rusted, the overall aesthetics of the bag will not exist any more. To avoid this situation, do your best to keep the bag away from water or any other humid environment. If the bag has already rusted, you can use some rust remover to wipe the metal part of the bag.