The Best Cell Phone as My Father’s Christmas Gift

April 28th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

On Christmas, it’s true that I should buy my father something to show how much I love him. My choice is the best cell phone as father’s Christmas gift.





Sony Ericsson Equinox Cell Phones



Aside from the upgraded classic design, perfect Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones give the impression of being reliable products on my hands as my father’s Christmas gift. They have 240×320 LCD screens with 262 k of color depth, amazing crisps for the sizes and resolution. 3.2 megapixel cameras are easy to use so that my father can adjust and edit his images.





Vital Statistics



Amazing Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones weigh 3.3 ounces and measure 3.8 x 2 x 0.6 inches. High quality lithium-ion batteries can offer up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 384 hours of standby time. My father can use additional expansion cards up to 16 GB so he can enjoy all applications. Due to thin flip designs, they feature great design elements and unique night effects which help my father enjoy all calls and text messages. According to T-Mobile’s expanding high-speed 3G network, they offer fast date delivery and great web-browsing experience to enjoy all nice functions. The nice cell phones have GPS capabilities for navigation and location based services via Google maps. My father can give five favorite people their unique pulsating light effects so that he can know who it is when one of them calls him. Custom lights have various colors, such as amber, sapphire, beryl, amethyst and diamond. My father can change wall papers to show his specific styles.







Designs and Call Quality




The beautiful black Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones have glossy dark brown panels as my father’s Christmas gift. 128×36 pixel monochrome OLED displays show the time, signals, battery strength, and whether they are some missed calls or messages or not. Six wonderful function keys bracket five-way circular control pads with strong backlighting. The user interfaces look pedestrian with graphics which update very slowly. It is possible that my father can decline incoming calls or silence the alarms by hand gestures which cool Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones register through camera sensors.







Messaging and Multimedia



It is so fast if my father can enter texts on functional Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones. It’s easy to use durable numeric keypads and practical bars which show all of the letters of each key. Useful email clients can contact POP, IMAP, and major web services. They have IM clients for AIM, YAHOO, and MSN. As for the media features, the music player supports MP3 and AAC. My father can enjoy FM radios and transfer various files from my father’s cell phones to computers with specific software. The bluetooth connectivity offers stereo music streaming with high quality sounds. FM radio and Bluetooth stereo music streaming offer very high quality entertainment experiences and gesture controls help my father decline some calls. The WAP browsers are fine for displaying mobile pages. Desktop sites take minutes to load and display as columns. They include plenty of media features for midrange devices to show Sony Ericsson’s tradition of innovation as my father’s Christmas gift. The cute M2 slots are under the batteries covers.