Bucherer Watches – Perfect Interpretations Of High-end Technology

February 20th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

In 2008, Bucherer released its home-made self-winding movement CFB A1000, which witnessed the milestone in watch-making technology. The outer edge of the movement is placed on the Peripheral rotor, and it also added with two patented technology installation: innovative suspension system – DSA, and dual adjustment system – CDAS. Following this, there are also the EvoTec DayDate watch which owns the CFB A1000-based movement, and the EvoTec Big Date which is specifically designed for women.

The decision-makers of Bucherer have brought them into discussion of setting up their own watch factory and the feasibility of home-making the movements.  Bucherer’s goal is to produce the highest quality and highly reliable professional movement. To achieve this goal, Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA watch factory has the most modern equipment, the extraordinary creative craftsmen and experienced technical staffs to devote themselves to the research, development and production of the watch movement and functional modules, ensuring that each Bucherer watch is the outstanding treasure.

Besides the strong production line, the full range Evolution Technology watch-making concept – EvoTec has also had the profound impact on the research development of the movement, the mechanical structure and additional features. The Technical Department Deputy Chief Executive of Bucherer – Dr. Albrecht Haake said: “Our mission is not to create the world’s most complicated watch, or highly demanding mechanical devices. In the contrast, we will try our best to bring the most accurate and reliable watch to the wearers with our unprecedented and innovative technology. “

Smart Sim Plexity technology deliberately avoided the convinced motto among the watch industry – “more complex and the more remarkable “. Although it is a common thing to use the sophisticated methods to solve the problem, watchmaker of Carl F. Bucherer has advocated finding the best solution but not the easiest way. This innovation technology made the first application on the CFB A1000 movement, and the three pieces of EvoTec series watches which are launched in 2009 and 2010. They all perfectly show the precision results.