Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Pacer- The Futuristic Sneakers of Adidas

April 21st, 2011 | Uncategorized |


Yohji Pacer are released by Adida and Yohji Yamamoto to serve as one of the memorial edition to celebrate their 10 years of successful collaboration. These shoes are limited to 300 pairs an

These Yohji Pacer come out with the fabulous and novel designs and available in two colors-the white and the black. The white Yohji Pacer used the good quality feather which has the mesh in the toe part and language box. Moreover, it also decorates with the black belt on the vamp and has the orange colored sole which is the chic color in spring of 2011. This white one mixed the classic white, black and hot orange colors to show a trendy and gorgeous glamour and give people a novel feeling. The black Yohji Pacer is made of canvas and hold fantastic designs which have the TPU overlay cross around the shoes. This black one also comes out with chic orange colored sole. gripping and fashionable elements definitely make it trendy and stylish.

These Yohji Pacer are absolutely the combination of function and fashion. As the sneakers, they are comfort and mix the modish to acquire a stylish and trendy look. You can wear them in your daily life and on different occasions. If you team them with fashionable jeans or skirts you will get dramatic and fabulous effect.

These Yohji Pacer are stylish and trendy in the early spring of 2011, and show a novel and appealing appearance for those sneakers lovers and Adidals fans to be fashionable and eye-catching in 2011.