Muticolor-Light,especially for Christmas

May 12th, 2011 | Uncategorized |

With the approaching footsteps of Christmas, why not prepare yourself a pretty Christmas gift at once? Besides, you also are willing to add festival joy on your family. Whenever the Chrimas is coming, the children become much exciting. A variety of commidities such as Chritmas Tree, Santa Claus, Santa’s shat, illumination, bells, snowflake, bowknot, garlands and cards, all of them loved by children and adults very much.

Maybe for those delicate presents, maybe for the cozy air, and maybe just for the cute Santa Claus and his fair legend. Chirtsmas is just the fetival which bring people not only nameless happy but also warmth and felicity…

In short, let’s enjoy this romantic festival! Christmas tree is indespensable. It would catch everyone’s eys with bright LED lights lines. If you have a tree 60cm high, you need the twinkle lights at least 1.6m long.

Except for general wrinkle lights, we have more chooses to dress up our Chrismas!

LED Rope Light / LED Rainbow Tube
The color of rainbow tube is gorgeous, the result of decoration is so good that it can be flected easily. It blinks in various patternm, sold by the meter, you can order it for you actual needed.

Fruit LED illumination
Grape fashion illmination look like both attractive and naughty. A riot of colors increase much lively factors and romance. Whether your family stay together or lovers date, it burnish your house no doult. The blink time can be adjusted.

Rainbow Snowflake LED light
The light ray is soft and mild, seven colors change randomly little by little, which build a feel that snowflakes are dancing, moonlight and so sweety. Some lights are hang on different corners, throwing of gentle light ring, is it a fairy world?

Colored Rice Lamp
It can be embellished the Christmas tree or hanged in your house. On the other word, it is used to decorating window, hotel, marketplace, club, stage and so on. Its light is so beatiful.