Fan Bingbing Becomes Brand Ambassador of Louis Vuitton Epi Alma

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In 1985, Louis Vuitton Epi came on the scene and its release has highly answered people’s demand for durable leather travel bag. This bag collection is endowed with a multitude of colors so that customers can always easily get their favorite one. The vivid & lifeful colorway as well as unique & alive leather texture make Epi handbag become classic. In this year, the big event is that Fan Bingbing established a great cooperative relationship with Louis Vuitton Epi handbag in the flagship store in Nanjing, China.

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Louis Vuitton Epi, Louis Vuitton Epi Alma, Louis Vuitton bags, Louis Vuitton replica, replica Louis Vuitton Epi online

On December 2ed, 2012, the president of Louis Vuitton China ceremoniously announced that Fan Bingbing formally took up the post of brand ambassador of Epi Alma. Faddists who pay much attention to Fan Bingbing must have noticed this famous Chinese actress carries her Alma most of time in 2012. During the period of Fashion Week, Fan with her new orange Louis Vuitton Epi Alma indeed made a deep impression.For ladies that are so graceful and elegant, of course it is necessary to use a Louis Vuitton Epi handbag. There are many different colors such as exquisite cacao brown, quite light blue, full-bodied red orange and fresh mint green for selections. If you are expecting to own a handbag to add more fashion style and reveal positive personality, beyond question, you ought to purchase a luxury Louis Vuitton Epi as soon as possible.

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Gucci Replica Handbags- Fantastic Product But Cheaper Price

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