F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone Attacked for His Hublot

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Sometimes a casual decision made in a moment can lead to masterpiece, such as the new print ad of the famous watch company Hublot. I should admit the ad is really interesting that it managed to catch me to see what the hell has happened to the man. Well, he turns out to be Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO of Formula One. It is said that he was recently mugged in London by thieves who made off with £200,000 worth of valuables including a Hublot watch that he was wearing at the time.  Word is that Bernie resisted and fought back, but sustained some ugly injuries during the attack. 

Not without a sense of humour, Ecclestone took a photo of himself and sent it to Hublot’s CEO Jean-Claude Biver the same day with the message, “See what people will do for a Hublot.”  Then Ecclestone have decided to make the actual photo the centerpiece of a Hublot print ad. I am not sure the watch that appears on the ad is the exact one that Ecclestone was wearing, but this should be a triumph of dark humour.

The pair thought it would make an amusing if macabre, one-off advert which appeared in the Financial Times and the International Herald Tribune on December 8 and 9 respectively. The ad showed the original photo along with Ecclestone’s pithy caption. And Hublot said the advert will not be repeated.


The Effective Ways of Purchasing a Hat

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Generally speaking, fashionable jewelry and funky handbags are the two major partners for all the women. But now, hats are also added into people’s accessories list. And many times, choosing a perfect and ideal hat may be quite easy. But sometimes, it is also a difficult and hard thing for us. At the very beginning, we cannot realize the importance of the hats. And now, we should concentrate on choosing the best hat for our wardrobe. As far as I am concerned, the key to select a special and eye-catching hat is the balance. That is to say, you have to consider the other factors which include the face shapes, body shapes and you’re the wardrobes. And here are several simple and useful tips for you to choose the ideal hats.

For petite bodies, you can choose the ones with smaller brims and lower crowns. And they can make you more graceful and eye-catching. In this case, those big size hats are no longer your prey. Certainly, if you are very tall, that shorter crown hat will be suitable for you completely.

Besides, the face shapes should be also considered firstly. As e all know, there are many types’ shapes in the world, for the round shaped face, a angular hats with lower brim will be the best on for them, there is no doubt that long faced people need the floppy hats and curled hats to hide their faults. All the time, the beautiful oval faces are regarded as the lucky one and all of the hats can match with this face nicely.

In the end, the size of hats is another important element for you. If it too tight, it cannot help you to improve your beauty. Of course, if they are too large, they can also reduce your mark in an important occasion. 21 inch is the common and proper size for all women; you have to select the reasonable one depending on your preference.

Many times, hats can also reflect your personal taste and style perfectly. So it is quite vital for all of us. Do you think so?


Tips for Choosing a Quartz Watch

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Tips for Choosing a Quartz Watch

Nowadays, more and more people take the quartz watch into their consideration when planning to buy a watch. However, it is not uncommon to see them hesitating to make a choice in front of the counter. And it is because that they do not know how to make a choice. Here I will list several tips about how to pick a good quartz watch or what aspects you should pay attention.

First of all, it is a must for you to see whether the watch carries the trademark, the name of factory and the certification of fitness. No one should be missed and the authenticity of them also should be paid attention to. Secondly, you should check its appearance carefully to see if it is delicate enough, including checking the dial plate, the flat glass and the rear cove to make sure they are tighten up enough, and the whole surface to make sure it has no scratches or other flaws. At last, the watch strap should be stressed when checking in order to ensure its flexibility for using.

What’s more, the quality assortment of the quartz watch should be taken into consideration, too. A quartz watch in top grade is made of wolfram carbide, sapphire flat glass, and 18k gold, which can never be abraded. While a mid-range one is made and produced in China with an imported movement. When it comes to the low-grade quartz watch, its movement is also made in China instead of foreign countries.

Most imported quartz watches are made in Japan, which can be featured as advanced materials for production, fine appearance, good shine, low rate of repairs, accurate timekeeping and complete functions. However, most counterfeits are made of many various materials with the plastic movement. Besides, errors often appear during the process of assembling. Therefore, such watches cannot be accurate and waterproof, airproof or dustproof.

Say “Bye” to Oily Skin – Tips on Getting Rid of Oily Skin

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In summer, people are more inclined to produce oil than any other season, especially for those who have oily skin. As for the causes of oily skin, there are lots of reasons.

What Causes Oily skin?

The first is the diet. People who like to eat junk food, fried food or candy always have oily skin. The ingredients that theses foods contain can increase the production of oil to a great extent.

Besides, the hormonal imbalance between pregnancy and menstruation also can lead to oily skin. During the process of pregnancy or menstruation, the hormone in women’s body changes a lot, the production of oil also increases.

Another factor that causes the production of oil is the use of some cosmetics. Many face creams have no effect on controlling oil; on the contrary, they will increase the production of oil to some extent.

Tips on Getting Rid of Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you should pay much attention to the care of your skin. You should use warm water to wash your face every day for warm water can prevent your pores from blocking.


The second you should notice is washing your face twice a day so that your face can be kept in a clean condition. While too much washing also can increase the production of oil, so you should bear this in mind.

Besides, use astringent products to decrease the production of oil. Astringent products not only can bring you a clean face, but also can astringe you pores and make your skin becomes smoother than ever.

Silverstone Tourist Trophy – Recruit of Graham

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Tourist Trophy Isle of Man Races, one of the most renowned competitions, is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary. At the same time, Graham, an official partner of this big event, has decided to mark the special occasion, so a new star has risen, Silverstone Tourist Trophy.

This time, Graham offers a high-end racing device to echo the theme of Tourist Trophy Isle of Man Races. This limited edition is designed in high-end PVD-treated steel revealing luxury black hue. What’s more, the 47mm case is surrounded by a bezel that follows the pattern of “Clous de Paris” and there is a marvelous tachymeter scale assembled to meet the needs of athletes.

Apparently, the control pushers of right hand are the continuance of the grip decoration of “Clous de Paris”, which is processed in PVD-treated steel as well. As for the front of this device, a domed sapphire crystal is adorned along with external and internal glare-proofed coating. Plus, the watch also characterizes a smoked sapphire crystal case-back that is graved with a completely limited serial number and its water resistance is up to 100 meters.

In the center of the timepiece, a brilliant self-winding chronograph movement is assembled, caliber G1734. Decorated with 27 diamonds, the bi-campax mechanism can run at the total rate of 28,880 vibrations per hour supplying a reserve of 48 hours. Meanwhile, the shock resistance system is endowed to the device.

The black carbon dial really can boast its hands and indexes which are the highlights of the timepiece and made from luminescent material. More fabulously, the watch provides minute counter in black snailed shape with a beautiful silver ring at 3 o’clock as well as a red second counter at 9 o’clock. A black strap made of fine leather is equipped to add more luxury feeling. This collection is limited just to 200 items.

Muticolor-Light,especially for Christmas

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With the approaching footsteps of Christmas, why not prepare yourself a pretty Christmas gift at once? Besides, you also are willing to add festival joy on your family. Whenever the Chrimas is coming, the children become much exciting. A variety of commidities such as Chritmas Tree, Santa Claus, Santa’s shat, illumination, bells, snowflake, bowknot, garlands and cards, all of them loved by children and adults very much.

Maybe for those delicate presents, maybe for the cozy air, and maybe just for the cute Santa Claus and his fair legend. Chirtsmas is just the fetival which bring people not only nameless happy but also warmth and felicity…

In short, let’s enjoy this romantic festival! Christmas tree is indespensable. It would catch everyone’s eys with bright LED lights lines. If you have a tree 60cm high, you need the twinkle lights at least 1.6m long.

Except for general wrinkle lights, we have more chooses to dress up our Chrismas!

LED Rope Light / LED Rainbow Tube
The color of rainbow tube is gorgeous, the result of decoration is so good that it can be flected easily. It blinks in various patternm, sold by the meter, you can order it for you actual needed.

Fruit LED illumination
Grape fashion illmination look like both attractive and naughty. A riot of colors increase much lively factors and romance. Whether your family stay together or lovers date, it burnish your house no doult. The blink time can be adjusted.

Rainbow Snowflake LED light
The light ray is soft and mild, seven colors change randomly little by little, which build a feel that snowflakes are dancing, moonlight and so sweety. Some lights are hang on different corners, throwing of gentle light ring, is it a fairy world?

Colored Rice Lamp
It can be embellished the Christmas tree or hanged in your house. On the other word, it is used to decorating window, hotel, marketplace, club, stage and so on. Its light is so beatiful.

An Unique Gift Gadget for Christmas Day – An Mp4 Watch

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Christmas Day is right around the corner, what gifts are you considering to buy for your relatives or close friends to show your love for them?
Gift is a thing that presented to a person out of love and affection. In order to give a special sense of satisfaction to receiver, it must be a unique one or has some unique or novel features. An MP4 watch may be the one that meet your requirements.
A wrist watch is a typical instrument having a small square or rectangle screen or dial used for looking at the time. Many people may associate it with a movie. And the MP4 watch is just the latest innovations, which allow you to watch the movies everywhere and make your life filled with music. This is a typical unique gift gadget which will bring the receiver great enjoyment while it can also serve as a thing of remembrance for many more days.
Lots of MP4 watch comes with a 1.5 or 1.8 inch screen and can store songs or video clips to the extent of 8 GB. Generally, an Mp4 watch supports MP3, WMA and MP4 (SMV) format showing picture and lyric. It features a touch screen, high-quality digital record, music repeat, five equalizer modes, super bass 3-D sound effect playing modes, E-book browse and even a FM. Most Mp4 watch comes with some accessories, such as an English manual, a CD driver, an earphone, a USB cable, and a charger when you buy them.
The receiver, who gets an Mp4 watch as a Christmas gift, can download the latest Music videos into the watch, and play them as they relax anywhere. Moreover, when they go out for a visit, they can take it along, as it is very small. They can also record voices and choose languages, earphone jacks, JPEG capability and many more exciting features.
There are various Mp4 watches available in the market today. You are surely to choose one that caters the tastes of the person that you want to send the gift.


Delicate Cell Phone Cases Make Your Life Bright

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With the wide spread of mobile phones, phone accessories or cell phone covers are more and more popular among people. They can prevent people’s cell phones from scratches and striking.

In addition, it will be easier to take your mobile phone when you go out. A cell phone case is needed especially when you have paid a large amount of money for your phone. What’s more, these cases vary in different designs, materials and colors. Here I will introduce you several popular cell phone cases and they are all fashionable and beautiful.

Leather cell phone cases are of good quality and can last longer than other phone cases. There are many colors available in the market for these leather cases. Red, black and brown are always favored by a lot of people.

If you are fond of swimming, going fishing or rafting in daily life, it is better to buy a waterproof mobile phone case. They can prevent your precious mobile phone from water in these special occasions. These phone covers are mainly made of plastic and they are easy to use. When you want to answer a call, you don’t need to take your phone out of the phone cover.

We all know that the some designer shoes are famous for their durance, water proofing and so on. Nowadays, some famous companies also produce mobile phone cases and covers. Their cases are made with the same material with that of designer shoes. With the prevalence of all kind of high quality cell phones, these Crocs good quality phone covers are also loved by people all over the world.

For people who like to follow the fashion trends, these beautiful fashion mobile phone cases are really a fine choice. Some cases are designed with some fashion elements such as glaring sequins, diamonds and cartoon characters. You can also choose those cases are printed with some natural items including flowers, animals and so on. Women who like to be in vogue can choose the mobile phone covers decorated with diamonds, sequins and flowers. These are all very popular in recent years. On the other hand, men or boys should choose the plain cases, because these flaring ones can’t match with men’s bold character.

In addition, cell phone cases are very cheap and you can buy a good quality phone case for a few dollars. There are a lot of online shops selling these small items which are really beautiful. They can also be a good gift for your friends. As the valentines’ Day is coming, you can buy a couple of cases for you and your lover.


Good Quality Watches – Perfect Gifts for Men

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Don’t you know what to give as a present to your boyfriend or your husband? Are you always puzzled by this question? Don’t waste your time on it. The best gift for your beloved one is watches. Generally, a woman will spend her most part of life to live with a man she loves, so the perfect present for her loved man is a wonderful watch. Usually, the holidays or some special days are the high time to give your presents. There is nothing better gifts than watches for men.

When you are going to buy a watch from some stores or the internet, you should bear something important in mind. Because the watches are regarded as gifts to your beloved one on the special days of a year like Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day, you should be very careful to choose and purchase. They are the symbols of your deep love to your beloved one.

The most important thing you should consider is your budgets. Although you want to purchase a perfect watch to your beloved one, you can’t borrow money just to buy a watch as a gift. In that case, sending gift will become your great burden and make you feel not very well. The world is full of people, but there are always rich and poor. Therefore, the present that you are going to give doesn’t mean that it must be very expensive. The principal purpose of sending gifts is that you want to show your deep affection and love to your beloved one rather than showing off your wealth.

If you have no enough money to buy the designer watches, you can opt for replica watches which are as popular as the genuine ones in recent years. In my opinion, replica watches are perfect gifts for men because they can make the wearers look more confident but and they are not very expensive.

Of course, if you are very rich, you can choose a designer watch to your beloved one. There are a lot of famous designer watches over the world. Among these watches, Wenger’s watches are the best. They are one of the top brands in current market. Meanwhile, they are the first choices for lots of customers. If you don’t like to purchase Wenger’s watches, you can tend to others such as Invicta, Waltham watches, Tag heuer and so forth. They are always famous and of good quality.

Anyway, choosing a perfect watch as a gift according to your budgets is your wise choice.