The Best Cell Phone as My Father’s Christmas Gift

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On Christmas, it’s true that I should buy my father something to show how much I love him. My choice is the best cell phone as father’s Christmas gift.





Sony Ericsson Equinox Cell Phones



Aside from the upgraded classic design, perfect Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones give the impression of being reliable products on my hands as my father’s Christmas gift. They have 240×320 LCD screens with 262 k of color depth, amazing crisps for the sizes and resolution. 3.2 megapixel cameras are easy to use so that my father can adjust and edit his images.





Vital Statistics



Amazing Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones weigh 3.3 ounces and measure 3.8 x 2 x 0.6 inches. High quality lithium-ion batteries can offer up to 10 hours of talk time and up to 384 hours of standby time. My father can use additional expansion cards up to 16 GB so he can enjoy all applications. Due to thin flip designs, they feature great design elements and unique night effects which help my father enjoy all calls and text messages. According to T-Mobile’s expanding high-speed 3G network, they offer fast date delivery and great web-browsing experience to enjoy all nice functions. The nice cell phones have GPS capabilities for navigation and location based services via Google maps. My father can give five favorite people their unique pulsating light effects so that he can know who it is when one of them calls him. Custom lights have various colors, such as amber, sapphire, beryl, amethyst and diamond. My father can change wall papers to show his specific styles.







Designs and Call Quality




The beautiful black Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones have glossy dark brown panels as my father’s Christmas gift. 128×36 pixel monochrome OLED displays show the time, signals, battery strength, and whether they are some missed calls or messages or not. Six wonderful function keys bracket five-way circular control pads with strong backlighting. The user interfaces look pedestrian with graphics which update very slowly. It is possible that my father can decline incoming calls or silence the alarms by hand gestures which cool Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones register through camera sensors.







Messaging and Multimedia



It is so fast if my father can enter texts on functional Sony Ericsson equinox cell phones. It’s easy to use durable numeric keypads and practical bars which show all of the letters of each key. Useful email clients can contact POP, IMAP, and major web services. They have IM clients for AIM, YAHOO, and MSN. As for the media features, the music player supports MP3 and AAC. My father can enjoy FM radios and transfer various files from my father’s cell phones to computers with specific software. The bluetooth connectivity offers stereo music streaming with high quality sounds. FM radio and Bluetooth stereo music streaming offer very high quality entertainment experiences and gesture controls help my father decline some calls. The WAP browsers are fine for displaying mobile pages. Desktop sites take minutes to load and display as columns. They include plenty of media features for midrange devices to show Sony Ericsson’s tradition of innovation as my father’s Christmas gift. The cute M2 slots are under the batteries covers.













The Best Present In The Christmas Of 2010 Is The Watch

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“What do you want in Christmas?” ” I want a watch.” Actually, men always use the mobile phone to watch time, which is common but seems not in a high-level.

In 2010, after the financial crisis, everyone will get much busier and pay more attention to plan. Also, lots of people will find it difficult to find a good job in this society. Except the employer’s knowledges and capacities, it depends on the details whlie intereviewing, such as the clothes, hairstyle and so on. If the interviewer sees your watch, which shows your attention to the time, maybe you will be employeed. Because in his opinion you will be much more serious than others in future. For your future, it is wiser to have a watch.
A nice watch, looking like a bracelet, can be a decoration. As we all know, the difference between the watch, with a watchband and hour maker, and the bracelet is just the hour maker. It can be sure that the watch is much more useful than than the bracelet.

A good watch can be a symbol of wealthy and taste. By which someone could justify that the man is rich or poor and what he likes. Especially, when one want to express himself to a lover, he could tell him or her what he or she likes by the present he buys. A qualified watch which is rare can also be remembrance, presenting the significance of an event. For example, the manufacture of the watch usually produce the watch to give his lover with a special form, which can be a significance to the love in Valentine’s Day. It is unusual, isn’t it ?

In summary, the watch will be the most popular present in the christmas of 2010. I’m sure if you want to give the best present, you can try to find a good watch.

Yohji Yamamoto Yohji Pacer- The Futuristic Sneakers of Adidas

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Yohji Pacer are released by Adida and Yohji Yamamoto to serve as one of the memorial edition to celebrate their 10 years of successful collaboration. These shoes are limited to 300 pairs an

These Yohji Pacer come out with the fabulous and novel designs and available in two colors-the white and the black. The white Yohji Pacer used the good quality feather which has the mesh in the toe part and language box. Moreover, it also decorates with the black belt on the vamp and has the orange colored sole which is the chic color in spring of 2011. This white one mixed the classic white, black and hot orange colors to show a trendy and gorgeous glamour and give people a novel feeling. The black Yohji Pacer is made of canvas and hold fantastic designs which have the TPU overlay cross around the shoes. This black one also comes out with chic orange colored sole. gripping and fashionable elements definitely make it trendy and stylish.

These Yohji Pacer are absolutely the combination of function and fashion. As the sneakers, they are comfort and mix the modish to acquire a stylish and trendy look. You can wear them in your daily life and on different occasions. If you team them with fashionable jeans or skirts you will get dramatic and fabulous effect.

These Yohji Pacer are stylish and trendy in the early spring of 2011, and show a novel and appealing appearance for those sneakers lovers and Adidals fans to be fashionable and eye-catching in 2011.


Michael Jackson Fedora Hats Make You A Great Difference

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Michael Jackson is a household name in America. As we know, he was an American famous musician, singer, dancer, songwriter, and philanthropist. He made great contribution to music, dance, and fashion as well his publicized personal life, which have made him become a global figure in popular culture for more than forty years. In general, when he performed on the stage, he always worn a Fedora hat and a pair of gloves. Michael Jackson Fedora hats have become a classic in history. Therefore, Fedora hats have gained great popularity all over the world. But what do you know about Fedora hats? Then I will talk something about Fedora hats.

The fedora hat is made with creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched in the front on both sides. More importantly, it makes you feel soft and comfortable. Fedora hats also include those hats with a crown or with an indentation for the head in the top of the crown. In the early 20th century, fedora was considered as an upper-class accessory to match with clothes. In general, those hats that are made of straw or twill are also called fedoras, because they are similar with fedoras felt soft. Until 1910s, Fedoras began to be widespread. Later, Michael Jackson lets its popularity soar across the global.

I f you are a big fan of Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson Fedora hats let you deeply cherish the memory of your idol, Michael Jackson. When you look at the Fedora hats, it seems that you see Michael Jackson. So Michael Jackson lives in your heart forever. You also treated the Fedora hats as a great gift and souvenir to memorize Jackson. If you are a person who love following fashion, the Michael Jackson Fedora hats are you best choice. You wear a black suit, and the Fedora hats on the street, and all eyes are directed to you, because you are Miss or Mrs. Fashion.

In a word, the Michael Jackson Fedora hats will drive you even others around you crazy.

Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011 Shoes

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If you want to revamp your wardrobe in spring 2011, why not have a close look at Oscar de la Renta shoe collection to find the hottest designs for this season. A great variety of tastes and personalities of shoes are available in Oscar de la Renta 2011 shoe collection.

If you are fashion conscious, you must know that the touch of elegance is always the theme in fashion circle. As a result, the shoes design can attract women covering all age scope. This collection has a great variety of patterns and styles such as flattering high heels, kitten heels and ballet flats. Anyone could find a favorite one among so many options effortlessly.

Oscar de la Renta spring 2011 shoes-high heels

A sense of luxury and exotic was added to shoes by the usage of skin to make broad strap on top of shoes. Therefore, its spring high heels have sexy touches.

Meanwhile, vibrant colors are applied on shoes, which express the feeling of nature and spring. If you follow fashion trend all the time, you will prefer this style shoes because they are perfect statement of harmony between human beings and great nature. Hurry up to follow floral patterned shoes in this spring to enrich your new season.

Not everyone love vibrant color on shoes and if you prefer to accent your outfit instead of accessories like shoes, monochrome shoes must be your top options for every lady.

Oscar de la Renta spring 2011 shoes-monochrome shoes

When choosing such shoes, you’d better take the quality and wonderful designs of these style shoes into considerations.

Besides high heels and monochrome shoes, there are also ballet flats available for its fans and all customers. Comfort is the top factor before purchasing such shoes but if they also come in excellent style and design, try not giving it a try.

Oscar de la Renta spring2011shoes-Ballet Flats

Do U Know Ugg?–The Origin of Ugg

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Do you know UGG?

Usually we think UGG is a famous brand, but, it is a concept of one kind of shoes instead of a brand. UGG, commonly means snow boots, was grown up in Australian during the First World War. At that time, Australian pilots wrapped two pieces of sheepskin to keep their feet out of the cold, and then it spread gradually in Australian. Now, there are many famous brands of snow boots, such as  UGG Australia,Yellow Earth and so on.

The primary name of UGG was ugly boots which means not beautiful. Then, Australian people change the name and called it UGG; it represents this kind of boots which was an organic whole in sheepskin and round head, 1994, there was an American registered the trademark UGG Australian, and then the manufacture turned to be Chinese. After that, American started to rush register the same trademarks in many other countries, however, they were failed when they rushing registered in Australian, and the reason for it was  UGG was an Australian brand originally, so the UGG trademark can be used by native manufactures. At present, the most famous leather shoes brand is Yellow Earth in native Australian, and this company is purchased by a Chinese people who set up many factories to made UGG snow boots, also supply OEM for American.

American’s UGG Australian accesses to Chinese mainland first and their brand promotion is developed very well. Lately, Yellow Earth also expands their marketing in china and popularizes their brand.

Now, two opponents are commencing to rush register the UGG trademark, having gone through the last rushing register event, Australian start to protect their brand.

Now they all try their best to gain more consumers and marketing shares in china, and in this winter, I have seen many UGG snow shoes in my way of work.

Christmas Gift: The Mobile Phone

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Christmas is coming, we must be thinking what we should buy to send to our relatives and good friends. A nice gift is very important. Image, when our friends see the gift, they smile widely. At that time, we will be very happy. To buy a mobile phone may be a good idea, beautiful and practical, all of us will use it. But there are many kinds of mobile phone, how to choose a useful mobile phone?
Firstly, the appearance. Lots of beautiful mobile phones are showed on the counter. From the shape, there are bar phone, flip phone, slide phone and twist phone. Some are simple, we could send it to our parents or other elders. Others are difficult, but beautiful, new and unique, we could choose them to send to our good friends.
Secondly, the function. In addition to being a telephone, modern mobile phones also support many additional services and accessories. Such as SMS messages, e-mail, internet access, gaming, Bluetooth, camera, MP3 player, radio and GPS. And now the smart phone is very popular, and it can offer more advanced computing ability, it is very convenient for business man. So before we buy mobile phone, we must know which one is suitable for the person we will send.
Lastly, the price. Some new mobile phone will be expensive. To choose Low-end mobile phone or high-end depends to our income. As the saying is, the gift itself may be small, but the goodwill is deep. Also, same mobile phone will be different price in different market, we could compare to the price. And now more and more people like to go to HongKong or other foreign countries to go shopping. As the price is lower in these place than in domestic.
As the holiday is coming, some shops will hold sales promotion. Many brand mobile phones, such as Nokia, Anycall, Moto, Sony etc will be sold at a discount, it’s a good time for us to buy them. Of course, don’t forget the important item, after-sale services. Ok, action, to buy our love mobile phone.


Something You Must Know about Belts

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Belts are important accessories in fashion. There are usually flexible and mostly made of cloth or leather. They embellish the outfit of individuals. We know from the documentation that people began to use belts at the Bronze Age. At that time, belts are mainly used by men. And as time goes by, the functions and designs of belts have improved. Women began to use belts as fashion accessories at the 17th century. In the 19th century, women began to love wearing blouses and skirts. At this time, the popularity of wearing fashionable belts has reached its peak.
In modern times, belts are widely worn not only by women but also by men. It is mostly used in occasions which need formal attire such as corporate meetings and business. But celebrities love to use belts which are unique. For example, belts decorated with crystal or silver products are good choices.
Belts vary greatly according to the uses. Many women love to collect different types of belts for different outfit. Wearing a belt that corresponds with one’s outfit would make her look attractive.
One more important thing we need to know about belts is the belt buckles. Women wear belts buckles to express their unique personality. A custom belt buckle is a good accessory to display your distinctive taste. You can engrave your names, hobbies or anything you want to on your buckles. This will leave a statement to everyone who are watching and leave them a very strong impression. It will make you stand out at a party.
It is easy to find belts in your local stores. If you want to know more about belts, you can search them on the Internet. When choosing a belt, remember that the comfort it gives you is more important than its name. And with simple creativity, you can make something stylish out of an ordinary belt.