Wedding Shoes Start Your Happiness

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Wedding is a important but is always ignored by brides, many bride misunderstand, they think that wedding hose should be luxury and they just wear them once in wedding. Actually, a pair of elegant wedding shoes can be worn not only in wedding but also in daily life, and these shoes will witness your happiness.

Do you know there are 7 No rules in choosing wedding shoes?

Not too high

No matter which kind of shoes heel you like, wedding shoes heel cannot be too high, it usually in 3 to 5 cm. then it will be comfortable and beautiful, and also you will wear them frequently after your wedding.

Not to ordinary

Embroider, paillette, flowers and patent leather factors all are important content brides should be considerate when choosing wedding shoes, dull and out date style should be forbidden, so, make your wedding fashion。


Not too gloomy

When choosing colors, red, purple and silver should be the best, and some gloomy colors cannot be play such an important role in your wedding, also black is the great tabu in wedding in east culture.

Not be lack of vamp and shoelace

To be convenient in wedding activities of brides, vamp and lace wedding shoes should be equipped, or some embarrassed situation can be break your wedding.


Not be too complex or too simple

It means your wedding dress and wedding shoes should be matched well, if your wedding dress is made of complex lace, then your wedding shoes should be simple, or your wedding dress is a simple style, then, your wedding shoes should be added some other factors.


Not leave them unused

After you buying your wedding shoes, many brides will leave them unused, it is not a go habit, brides should wear them after buying them, new shoes always make feet pain, so, this should not be happened in your wedding.


Not too hard material

When choosing wedding shoes, except for style and colors, shoes material also is an important thing, it is better to choose cow leather or sheep leather, you will feel comfortable when you wear them, if your shoes material is hard, you will feel uncomfortable.

Gocci-As You Can See

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No matter who you are, no matter what you are, Gucci is always right here to deliver its spirit which is meant to make the world bath in fashion.

Gucci stands for luxury, not because of its price but of its reputation that can be seen in any of the Gucci handbags, which has been in date for more than a century as a representative of classic.

As you can see, almost all the ladies desire Gucci handbags, maybe cheap Gucci handbags, discount Gucci handbags or classic Gucci handbags. In brief, any design of Gucci can bring ladies into satisfaction, and it’s the same with men.

To possess Gucci handbags is to possess past and present. There are diffrent styles in Gucci store. Not only can you purchase a classic Gucci handbag, but a cheap Gucci handbag. In short, what you want is what Gucci makes. Gucci can make the most reasonable price which is mere to match its unique style and quality. How much you pay depends on how much Gucci deserves.

I can remember, when I was just 11 years old, mom brought me to a party which was held to meet some important friends. One of my mom’ friends carried a so fancy handbag that I could’t tell how much it attracted me without any decoration on its outlook. So I read the word on it aloud”G-u-c-c-i, Gucci”. It impressed me a lot,Just simple, and it spoke out a spirit which stands for Now and Ever. As you can see, even an 11 years old girl can begin to fancy Gucci handbags, what would happen to a double age?

Come on, let’s go and witness how Gucci make a magic emerge in everyon’s dream. It’s a tale, of the designers, of the brand, and of the customers who grow up with Gucci.


Fresh Fashion Fabric In The Next Spring And Summer

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The four major Fashion Weeks Of Spring 2011 has come to an end. There are many different fabrics in vogue. Gain an acquaintance of them to keep space with the latest trend. And you will the fun of the fresh fashion in spring and summer.

First one is the denim element. Denim has become a permanent element in females’ wardrobe and its presence is all year round. Phoebe Philo formally launched denim jumpsuit at the third quarter of his joining Céline. It is quite surprising that she did not continue series of composite colors of the early spring. There are many big fans of denim fabric and Stella McCartney is an crazy enthusiast.

Then there comes the “Metal decorations”. It sounds quite frightening as if the burdens on woman are heavier. In fact, the effect is contrary. No matter it is the pin, copper metal or black Asian gold sequin, bright costume jewelry, it seems heavy but in fact very light. After all, what the clothing designer show is the dressmaking standard, rather than challenge the limits capacity of women.

Next is the leather and fur. It is not magic to wear leather and fur in summer. In fact, anomalous materials are extensively used this season. Prada even convince that fur shawl for summer dresses is the new fashion. It seems that most designers want women to be Hercules, and also to own the characteristics of no scaring of the changeable temperature.

Two years later, tassels are back to the sight lines again and are still formidable. Roberto Cavalli, Matthew Williamson and other fashion houses are favored in the orderly cutting fringed leather. Louis Vuitton majorly introduces the fine sequined tassels while Versace is inclined to the slender tassels which are as thin as hairs.

Feathers are the most unexpected creative fabric in this season. Thanks to Lemarié plumes Workshop, Chanel has become the most meritorious statesman in this trend. Whether it is the thin yellow goose feather, black feathers of the Gothic style, or orange powder hair-like feathers, the sense of these light and fluffy textures are always amazing.

Smart Choices of Digital Photo Frame

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Digital Photo Frame creates a new concept of photo frame by showing pictures with LCD Screen (‘Liquid Crystal Display Screen’). It gets photos from a SD card (‘Secure Digital Card’) through an interface of card reader. With Digital Photo Frame, photos can be displayed in a circle, and users find that it is coordinated with digital camera conveniently. What should be noticed when we are choosing a digital photo frame? Let’s continue.
1. Large Screen + Clear Pictures
Digital Photo Frame is aimed to show photos, obviously, the display definition should be the first considerate point with no doubt. Comparing with those Digital Photo Frames which are with small screens, the ones with large screens become darlings in this market. So far, the biggest screen of Digital Photo Frame is 10-inch, and the popular sizes are between 6.5-inch ~ 8.4-inch. Apparently, ‘You get what you pay for’. To some famous brands, the price differences between large screen and small screen are a few US dollars, such as Philip 7FF1M4 (about USD$83.84) and Philip 9FF2M4 (about USD$134.75).
Besides, the display effect of Digital Photo Frame is also influenced by its ‘resolution ratio’ and ‘contrast’. First of all, resolution is the basic measure point, the higher resolution the Digital Photo Frame has, the more clear display effect it shows. At the same time, the bigger contrast ratio it has, the brighter pictures will be displayed. For example, a Digital Photo Frame with TFT LCD Screen, high resolution of 800 x 480 and the brightness is 200cd/㎡ can get amazing color display.

2. Multi-function
Digital Photo Frame as a fashionable and smart thing in this market, ‘All in one’ is the most attractive point to the consumer. Take Shinco DT-80 (about USD$74.86) as an example, it can not only display photos but also plays music. In fact, most of Digital Photo Frames can be connected with the equipments as DSC (District Satellite Communications), MP3 (MPEG Audio Player 3), PMP (Portable Media Player), PC (Personal Computer). What’s more, these photo frames have other functions as dynamic control and handling with mega bass. Referring to the multimedia formats, they work well with MP3, MOV (Quick Time Movie), MPEG1 (Moving Picture Experts Group â… ), MPEG2, MPEG4 and so on. Try to imagine this, in a beautiful and casual afternoon, lying on the sofa, enjoying the ever-changing pictures in the Digital Photo Frame, while listening to the classical music, how wonder it is!
3. Easy To Use + Cost Effectively
Technology innovation brings benefit to people’s daily life, makes it more convenient and faster. Based on it, humanistic design becomes another standard for measuring a good Digital Photo Frame. Nowadays, mini-remote control is included as well. Take Aigo F5003 (about USD$80.85) for an example, users can change photos easily by pressing the mini-remote control. Besides, some Digital Photo Frames have their own internal memory which is between 256M to 512M usually. With this function, a few pictures can be stored in photo frame, and can be displayed without connecting with SD card. Of course, if some users need larger internal space for storing, there are customized Digital Photo Frames.

Furthermore, even the Digital Photo Frame with larger screen, high-definition, lots of functions and user friendly; however, if the price is a tall order, consumer will not consider the product. Therefore, reasonable price is another important indicator.


Digital Photo Frame is powerful and fashionable, easy to use at anytime anywhere. Different brands of Digital Photo Frame have different focus. After reading the basic points as above, hope that you have your own standards of choosing a Digital Photo Frame.


Watch Shopping Guide – Two Useful Tips and Advice

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Every man is desired for a watch. We know watch is not only useful, but also has been becoming a fashion accessory. Do you think of buying a wristwatch? Do you want to be fashion than the others? Do you feel confused about all kinds of styles and brands? Now it is the best choice for you to come here. I have several practical guidelines for you to buy the suitable watch for you, hoping I can help you to choose the best watch.
First, you should consider the watch shape. Although they all called wristwatch, the shape is different. We can see the heart-shaped watch, rectangular watch, circle shaped watch, and many other shaped watch. And the size of these watches is also different. Whatever the shaped watch you may choose, if you are a little bit fat, remember to the large one, if you are slim, you should choose the small one. Only in this way, you are looked in a harmonious condition.
Second, you should consider the kinds of watch. We know there are two major watch types, one is quartz, and the other one is mechanical. Mechanical watch is very popular in the old days. Nowadays, these two watches are very popular. These two watches have different advantages and disadvantages. Quartz watch is more accurate than the mechanical one, it seldom slow because the power of it is battery. And it is more expensive than the similar mechanical watches. The only thing you need to do is changing the battery when it is out of power. Compared to quartz watch, mechanical watch will slow several minutes after several months. But it does not need battery; it can go very well automatically. You can choose the one according to your interest and the one you like most.




New MADISON-series Half Handbag with Printing Clover

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Coach was founded in America by MR Caha Miles in 1941, which is one of the longest popular and the most successful leather brand in America. Coach represents the most legendary American fashion innovative style and traditional techniques. The design concept of Coach fuses in the innovative fashion sense and modern attitude of America. 

Coach (Mr. Coates) insists that they achieve the highest level of technology in each product. The product size, shape, pocket even chalazas of Coach are all designed passes attentively. All sutures of the Coach product adopt a double-slit skill. The adornment designed by product label and the traditional manual technology to complete the product, which put on persistent and new style, quality and characteristics for each piece of Coach (Mr. Coates) product.

One of the super heroes and new products of Coach2010 last winter is as follows,

This is a new MADISON-series half bag with printing clover, Style: 15951.t

The bright and beautiful clover cloth matches with Leather trim show your fashion and good mood. In the handbag, there are zippered pocket, cellophane pocket and Multi-function pocket with leather pull. The fabric lines in the inside of the bag, while closed and sealed by zipper in the top. It comes with an adjustable and disassembly strap about 56cm in vertical length, which allows you to wear across the body. What is more, there is a strap of a vertical length of 28cm to allow you to carry on your shoulder or hand for it to go shopping. Last but not least, it is light and flexible with a size of 37cm in the length, 25cm in the height and 9cm in the width.

The Hottest Love Cups for Valentine’s Day 2011!

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Looking for something special and new for your dearest on Valentine’s Day? Want to show your sincere and true love to your sweet heart? Here is your answer!

Valentine’s Day is a day so loving and special, and the gift you prepare is not necessarily too expensive but has to be unique enough to show your romance, passion and love. Some fine cute little things will be presented below, do not miss them!

Aha! Love cups for your Valentine’s Day!

Look at this fun one — Black Mustache and Red Lip!

The design of the cup is simple but with a lot of fun! The pure white body of the cup with black mustache on one and a red lip print on the other which can represent male and female respectively. Sending the cup to your beloved may add more joy and happiness to your life! And the cups may always remind you that you are in love and happy with each other!

Kissing cups

Lovely? Featuring the face portrait of a boy and a girl kissing sweetly and the red heart-shaped holder, every aspect of the cups is showing love, romance and happiness.

Mr. and Mrs.

With model of written characters “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on the white cup body, you can choose to the right one for you and your beloved. The cup openings are different from each other. The cup for Mr. is with a round opening, while the other one is selenodont which can perfectly symbolize the feminine beauty. The heart-shaped handlers of the cup also show the theme of love for Valentine’s Day.

Heart-shaped love cup

With the symmetrical design of the heart-shaped cup, this pair of cups appeals a lot. The delicate design of the heart cup opening and body can show your unique elegant personal taste. Just image the cup is filled with fragrant coffee, the sheen of the cup and the coffee serve as a foil to each other. Along with the coffee aroma, your love will be more sweet and intoxicating.

5 Classic Jewelry Watches of Swarovski

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Swarovski is famous for its elegant jewelry design. This time, Swarovski integrated jewelry into watches and it succeeded. The new Swarovski watch collection endowed urban women with daedal charm by its refined process to deduce the time conception, unique, luxurious and magnificent.

Swarovski Elis Bangle Small White


This may be a perfect integration of bracelet and watch. You can’t resist the temptation by its extreme urbanity and stylish glamour. The silver dial, transparent watch case and crystal mesh chain subtly combined to form a gorgeous look.

Swarovski D:Llight


You can regard it not only an attractive time-telling accessory but also a glaring jewelry. The Swarovski D:light looks like a fascinating bracelet from the outer appearance but if you press a button, the hidden watch with digital numerals will be automatically displayed.

Swarovski Banquet Watch


Swarovski Baguette series has four available colors including amethyst, silver, black and golden. The bracelet is studded 16 Swarovski crystals and the dial which has three built-in crystals is in the corresponding color. The watch back and the dial are respectively stamped with a swan. The stainless steel bracelet makes it seem more decent.

Swarovski Octea Sport


Octea Sport smartly combines 2 color tones so that the color contrasting effect is delicately expressed. This eye attracting watch has switchable bezel and data display window. A mysterious and illuminated color makes you wrist more stunning.

Swarovski Octea Mini


This watch took inspiration from the popular Nirvana ring and combined Swarovski excellent design and Swiss exact timing technology. The clear-cut crystals are releasing sparks from its light decent outer look. What’s more interesting is its equipment with an ultra long strap that leads the fashion trend. This special strap is studded with rivets and can be wound the wrist for two turens.

How Miranda Kerr Conquered Orlando Bloom?

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She’s a very pretty Australian model and she just appeared in Elle a couple of times in recently years. Before bloom, she was not known by a lot of people. But why she became so famous? It is because of bloom.

Orlando Bloom was born in Canterbury, Kent, England on January 13, 1977. After graduating from Guildhall, Orlando began to work on the “Lord of the Rings”, and spent 18 months in New Zealand bringing “Legolas ‘to life, a role which made him a household name. Today, he is one of the busiest and the most sought-after actors in the film industry. We will never forget: the Elves Prince. He was so impressive and handsome in that film that many women in the world love him. However, on February 21, 2008 he became boyfriend of Miranda Kerr. From then on, Miranda Kerr became a household name too. But how could this Australian girl conquered our Elves Prince? Many thousands of people, especially women want to know the reason why the Elves prince chooses her.

Actually we have to admit that: she is really enough pretty and she has the temperament of a star. Meanwhile, she knows well how to dress and makes her look charming. Her lovely personality perfectly matches with strong passion and sentiment Orlando Bloom has.

However, what is her secret to attract Bloom? Following are the secret she told us.

First, she told us that everyone should have the confidence and everyone has their own unique beauty, this makes one charming. Meanwhile, she gives us her five tips about how to dress well and elegant to encourage young women know about how to become beautiful.

She told us that everyone should has the confidence, this makes one shines and every has their own unique beauty. Meanwhile, she gives us her five tips about dress to encourage young women and some suggestions about how to become beautiful.

Tip 1: Handsome uniform, this kind of dress makes you look competent.

Tip 2: Street cute, this kind of dress makes you look cute.

Tip.3: Charming black dress, this kind of dress makes you look charming and sweet.

Tip.4: Leopard Charm, this kind of dress makes you looks wild and sexy.

Tip.5:Elegant OL, this kind of dress makes you look elegant.