Take Care of Your Jewelry

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Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Protect all your jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight.

After each wearing, gently wipe each piece of jewelry clean with a piece of cotton cloth.

Store your jewelry separately, so it doesn’t scratch other jewelry.

Remove jewelry when doing house work such as gardening, cleaning, household repairs or other strenuous activities.

Apply make- up and hair spray before putting on your jewelry, because make- up and hair spray contain chemicals that may affect your jewelry.

Do not store jewelry next to heating vents, window sills, or cars.

Store your jewelry away from sunlight. The sun may fade some gemstones.

Do not wear jewelry in a pool, hot tub or bathing. The chlorine in the water can damage various gemstones and metals including gold.

Always store bead necklaces strung on silk flat because silk stretches over time.

Frequently cleaning is recommended to maintain its true beauty.


Commercial Silver/Gold Cleaners

Read the label, and if in doubt, do not use a chemical cleaner. Some gemstones cannot be placed in commercial cleaners: pearls, lapis lazuli, malachite, opals, corals, and turquoise.

Jewelry Polish Cloths

Use lightly to restore luster. Do not press hard when polishing gold filled or plated or you will damage the surface.

Easy Homemade Solutions

The best way to clean in places where a polishing cloth cannot reach is simple. To keep your jewelry in top condition, use clean lukewarm water and a small amount of mild washing up liquid.

Let us protect our pretty jewelry together!

Considerations When Buying Wholesale Sunglasses

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People can always buy wholesale sunglasses when they are doing online shopping. They are always attracted by them because of their low prices. Sometimes they can even find wholesale designer sunglasses online! However, online shopping is still not safe today. Many people have come into some problems from online shopping before. If you really want to buy wholesale sunglasses online, there are some things for you to consider.

Customer Service: You’d better whether most customers are satisfied with their services or not. Are they friendly? Do they answer the customers’ questions as soon as possible? Do they have a legitimate physical address or a phone number for you to contact? If the website allows live chat, you should ask as many as questions you want to know as possible. And it is always better for you to buy form a retailer who provides good customer service. It is more enjoyable to shop from such a retailer most of the time.
Guarantees: Most retailers claim that guarantees are not provided by them if customers as the prices are low. In fact, guarantees are necessary whatever you buy. If a retailer does not provide you guarantees, stop buying from him or her. If you want to get designer sunglasses, this aspect is very important for you. It depends whether you will get a real pair or not. You’d better ask the retailer whether he or she guarantees authenticity if the pair is a designer branded pair.
Return Policy: Many people will ignore the return policy when they are doing online shopping. In fact, this is very important. If you purchase a style which looks different from what you see in the pictures, you have to make sure that you can change it for another style. There is another question for you to ask, how many days must you return them?
Shipments: Usually you can see the information about the shipment of the products at the first sight when you open the website. Yet you have to see whether the shipping rates are reasonable or not. Some retailers will ask you to pay much for the shipments. In fact, they earn much from you if you pay for the shipment by giving the money to them. If it is possible, buy from a retailer who provides you free shipping.
Quality: You have to pay attention to the quality of the glasses. If you read the comments from other customers about the quality of them you can get some information. There are some aspects you should pay attention to such as the level of UV protection of the products, the materials of the products etc.
These are all necessary considerations for you if you are planning to buy wholesale designer sunglasses online. Remember them to avoid buying dissatisfied products.

Bucherer Watches – Perfect Interpretations Of High-end Technology

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In 2008, Bucherer released its home-made self-winding movement CFB A1000, which witnessed the milestone in watch-making technology. The outer edge of the movement is placed on the Peripheral rotor, and it also added with two patented technology installation: innovative suspension system – DSA, and dual adjustment system – CDAS. Following this, there are also the EvoTec DayDate watch which owns the CFB A1000-based movement, and the EvoTec Big Date which is specifically designed for women.

The decision-makers of Bucherer have brought them into discussion of setting up their own watch factory and the feasibility of home-making the movements.  Bucherer’s goal is to produce the highest quality and highly reliable professional movement. To achieve this goal, Carl F. Bucherer Technologies SA watch factory has the most modern equipment, the extraordinary creative craftsmen and experienced technical staffs to devote themselves to the research, development and production of the watch movement and functional modules, ensuring that each Bucherer watch is the outstanding treasure.

Besides the strong production line, the full range Evolution Technology watch-making concept – EvoTec has also had the profound impact on the research development of the movement, the mechanical structure and additional features. The Technical Department Deputy Chief Executive of Bucherer – Dr. Albrecht Haake said: “Our mission is not to create the world’s most complicated watch, or highly demanding mechanical devices. In the contrast, we will try our best to bring the most accurate and reliable watch to the wearers with our unprecedented and innovative technology. “

Smart Sim Plexity technology deliberately avoided the convinced motto among the watch industry – “more complex and the more remarkable “. Although it is a common thing to use the sophisticated methods to solve the problem, watchmaker of Carl F. Bucherer has advocated finding the best solution but not the easiest way. This innovation technology made the first application on the CFB A1000 movement, and the three pieces of EvoTec series watches which are launched in 2009 and 2010. They all perfectly show the precision results.

Why All Women Love LV Bags

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LV is not new anywhere since its fame has been spreading in the whole world for a long time, and we can say all women would like to own a LV bag although the price of LV bag is very high.
Tip 1 power of big brand 
Big brand such as LV can have power of changing dullness into magic, take an example, the straw-weaved bags are quite common in oriental coutries, and there is nobody would have interest in them, but after imprinted with a LV logo, these bags would be eyecatching anywhere, and the price of which would be amplified by many times.
Tip 2 simple but trendy design 
Take a look at any LV bag, you can find that the design and style is not complicated, but the simple design can insert magic charming into LV bags. And for almost every fashion-in, the simple design is a trendy adb fashionable symbol. And the first rank of designers for LV bags such as Marc Jacobs are another highlight for popularity of LV among so many celebrities and common people. These famous designers always can grasp trendy elements from the streets and blend them into the designs which can give us vigour and vitality.
Tip 3 good texture
By virtue of first class of material, the texture of LV bags are quite good. Take the LV weaved bags for example, this style of bag makes use of top animal leather such as snake fur, which can distinguish it from common plastic material.
Tip 4 personal taste
No doubt that taking a LV bag can show your tatse and status, take a glance at those celebrities and movies stars, who would always take their LV bags anywhere. In fashion circle, LV is the pronoun of status and taste for its longevity and fame.


How to Identify Chanel Bags

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Chanel handbag is simple and elegant, but its prohibitive price makes some MMs flinch. So the pirates use this psychology to reproduce many fake Chanel handbags.


Most of the Chanel bags are made of lambskin. The leather is dark. Chanel bags have very stiff stature and will not collapse, especially the sheepskin bags. They not only feel good, but also have the smell of the original skin. Fake Chanel bags do not use sheepskin. The leather glares, and its flexibility is also poor.



Most authentic Chanel logo is gold, and the gold is very thick. But the false bags have thin gold. Although the color looks very bright, it is easier to fade.



There is always a hook of jewelry theme at the hook chains of zippers of Genuine Chanel bags. The jewelry theme is usually the lion head or the famous double-C. Genuine zippers usually have heavy weight, and the shut place is usually separated by lambskin with the two-seam. Fake Chanel zipper shut has the glue.



We can see bronzing Chanel and Made in France / Italy inside Authentic Chanel bag. Inside, there is also a small sticker printed with the computer print number, which is totally the same with the number in identity card and the number on the original box. The fake bags’ sticker is altered, and the number is printed by the electric typewriter.


A few tips to identify the authenticity of Chanel bags:

1. We can check genuine of Chanel lambskin bags from smell and fare neatness.

2. The security laser sticker number on Chanel inside bag should be consistent to the warranty card.

3. Lambskin and embossed leatherr are two materials the most frequently imitated. Whether argyles bags or CoCo classic bags, they feel very silky smooth, and the metal parts do not scratch hands.

4. Chanel bags usually have very stiff stature and will not collapse, especially the sheepskin bags. They not only feel good, but also have the smell of the original skin. Fake Channel bags can not be made by lambskin.

5. The most powerful identification is that in addition to the inclosed warranty card which is the same to the Print Item of Chanel bag, there is a fluorescent sticker on the bottom of the bag. If you find the number of warranty card is the same to the number of anti-counterfeit sticker, then the bag is genuine.