Introduce The Construction Of Sunglasses

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As we all know that we wear sunglasses in order to protect our eyes. Sunglasses is a care product that can prevent the human eye vision from a strong stimulation injury from the sun. With the development of people’s living standard, sunglasses can reflect the personal style as a cosmetic or special jewelry.

Sunglasses is our necessity in order not to be hurt by the sun ligh. We should at least understand the construction of the sunglasses. Generally speaking, the composite construction of the sunglasses includes lenses and frames. Absolutely, there are various frames such as round frames, oval frames and rectangular frames. So you can elect one according to your face shape. Also, the lenses have different kinds, like anti-reflective protective lenses, color lenses, polarized light lenses etc. Of course, all of them are of great importance for protecting our eyes from the light.

Here, I’d like to introduce to you the Gucci latest sunglasses, which is 100 percent UV protection. It can fully prevent the sun’s harmful rays, and it’s your best choice for driving, cycling and travelling. You will eager to possess it when the first time you see it, elaborate, elegant and fashionable. Wearing such a pair of sunglasses, you will have more passion to attend the outdoor activities. In addition, the frames of the sunglasses can adjust when they don’t fit your face shape. Most importantly, it uses American resin UV lenses, prevent you from UVA, UVB and ultraviolet. So you can never worry about the sun light. By the way, this kind of sunglasses has dark brown frames and brown lenses that it maybe fit your style.

If you are interested in sunglasses, you will be familiar with RayBan, Italy. Because of its sophisticated workshop, effective UV protection and high reputation, it gets big popularities among the consumers who like outdoor activities. Also, it also become the favorite decoration of the stars!

Perfect Cellphone Gift for Father

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Every father may wish his son or daughter to get the eye-catching achievement in the future. They may keep on teaching us. When we grow up, how could we do something to thank our father? Christmas is the special date for us to enjoy unification of family. We may show our appreciation to intimate people by colorful gifts. How about send the cellphone to your father? Keeping in touch with father via cellphone would be a good idea. This article would introduce popular mobile phones for your reference.
Business style: Motorola XT800
Motorola XT800 supports 3G double-module network via the powerful Android system. Many useful commercial and office function could be wonderfully fulfilled by software. Generally, father could use the phone to check news and shares. If your father is still busy doing business or interested in getting latest world news, XT800 could save him a lot of time.
Practical style: Nokia C5
Though Nokia C5 targets to be a low-end panel phone, its simple keyboard design and color assortment maintains the traditional style of Nokia. Many people are satisfied with its super long standby time. It applies a 2.2-inch TFT screen with 240×320 pixels resolution. It uses Symbian 9.3 S60 3.2 operating system. The CPU frequency may reach 600MHz. Quick CPU processing ability ensures the smooth operation in daily life. In addition, C5 supports 3G service with the common functions of Bluetooth and GPS. It would be quite suitable for fathers who need practical cellphone application.
Fashionable style: Nokia E72
E72 selects the generous QWERTY straight-panel design. Alone with the steel elements, it would be eye-catching to your father on the fashionable thought. So far, we may select from five editions of E72 in black, white, silver, gold and purple. It applies a 2.36-inch TFT screen with 320×240 pixels resolution, so the display effect could be wonderful. The photo-taking function also gets improved by the installation of new camera device. Father who loves multimedia application may love E72 with passion.

Calibre de Cartier: Dream Watch for Men

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It is Cartier’s tradition to express creative essence and then become the dream watch for men. Calibre de Cartier wrist watch series applies 100% tailor-made Cartier automatic chain mechanical movement of 1904MC, which indicates the big thought of Cartier watches in the area of self-made research and development.


Calibre de Cartier: fashion for round watch case

Within the round watch case, gold, stainless steel and 18Ct rose gold are common materials to make Calibre de Cartier. The round watch case design leads new fashionable trend of the 21st century. Seen through the clear dial, such wrist watch is installed the automatic chain movement developed by Cartier.


Calibre de Cartier: Elaborate material and dreamy design

Calibre de Cartier is with diameter of 42mm. On the case frame there is a round-shaped embedded crystal. The silver white clean dial is carved with 7 Roman numerals and 4 luminous hour markers. Its 1904PSMC automatic winding movement is with pointers of hour, minute, small second and calendar display window. The black crocodile leather strap is wonderfully with folding clasp.


The 1904PSMC automatic mechanical movement with diameter of 25.6mm stands for the dream watch in men’s eyes. Its clear dial would not be restrained by specific item, shape or size at any time. Similar with Cartier’s traditional Santos, Tank and Pasha Series, Calibre de Cartier would be charming with its own advantage on exquisite movement.


Calibre de Cartier: Watch design in impressive personality

Calibre de Cartier watches own eye-catching personality we could not forget. Its round case is with polished bezel. We could witness 28-degree tilt on the dial direction. The case is coupled with drawing and powerful shoulder crown. Such exposed screw design is rare in Cartier watch design. By doing so, Cartier combines the elegance and uninhibited temperament together.


5 tips on how to maintain your LV bags

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Have you ever worried about your LV bag because of the small flaws and the dimming gloss of it? It’s a truth that if you don’t take good care of your expensive bag, soon it will definitely looks like a cheapie. Here are some useful little tips for those who want to maintain their LV bags in good condition. Use these little tips at once, and you will get a brand new bag.

1. Genuine leather bags should be sent to a professional leatherware cleaning store periodically to get a complete cleaning and disinfection. The professionals will use disinfection lotion that can completely clean mould. Although you have to pay some fee for their service, it’s still worthy for you.

2. When your bag will not be used for a long time, you’d better fill it up with paper or cloth and then hang it up. This will maintain your bag in good shape. If the bag is laid flat somewhere, please make sure there is nothing pressing on it. For the bag is easy to wrinkle with something pressing on it.

3. When your bag gets wet in the rain, you can use a piece of clean cotton cloth to dry it off. If your bag gets dirty, there is a little trick to get it clean. That is using eraser. But you have to erase slowly and gently.

4. All the bags regardless of their materials should be dried in the shade after cleaning. Don’t expose the bag directly in sunshine for the purpose of drying quickly. Because the bag is very vulnerable after cleaning. If the bag is exposed directly in sunshine, the color of it will be easily faded. If the bag is made of genuine leather, the soft leather will become harden and crisp after dried in sunshine.

5. Take good care of the metal accessories and zippers. Once the metal accessories and zippers have been rusted, the overall aesthetics of the bag will not exist any more. To avoid this situation, do your best to keep the bag away from water or any other humid environment. If the bag has already rusted, you can use some rust remover to wipe the metal part of the bag.


Milan Fashion Week – Gucci Spring Season 2011

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When asked where to find the latest fashion trend in the world, you will probably come up with some names of traditional fashion cities like Milan. The most famous designers gather here every season to display their brand new ideas and innovations.

This time the Milan Fashion Week kicked off with a burst of color this season, especially with Frida Giannini’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection for Gucci. Models glided down the catwalk with gorgeous, red pedicures, accented by sky high stilettos. And despite the seriousness of the slicked back hair, the collection this season was nothing but a bold display of colors.

The 70′s set the scene this season as jewel toned pieces made their way down the catwalk. Knee-length skirts paired with obi python belts and sexy low-cut tops flashed just the right amount of skin, leaving enough to the imagination.

Transitioning seamlessly from color to nude safari pieces didn’t seem too difficult a task for Giannini. Tassles were added for a bit of flair and a Morrocan-esque influence.

Who says black can’t be a spring color? When you have harem jumpsuits and fringed, embellished bodices as gorgeous as these, it would be difficult to turn either down.

The show closed with a few beautifully fringed dresses in bold colors and intricately detailed beading.

Giannini left all those shades of gray and minimalist silhouettes behind and offered us something vibrant and exciting to keep us on our toes. The collection has something for everyone, and each piece is nothing short of wearable. To sum up, the versatility and cohesiveness of this collection ultimately makes this season a success for Giannini. I’m definitely excited to see a few pieces on our fave celebs.

How to Keep Your Leather Belts in Good Condition

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A belt is usually made of leather or heavy cloth, which is worn around the waist. People not only use a belt to keep and support trousers and other clothes, but also use a belt for style and decoration. Thus, a belt has become an inevitable chic item in fashion world. A genuine leather belt with advanced and fashionable design of buckle often costs a lot. As a result, you should properly use it if you want to keep it in good condition and make full use of it.

1. You¡¯d better not tie your belt too tight. Otherwise, your belt would be elongated and easy to be out of shape.

2. You should not touch your metal buckle with your sweaty hand. Iduronate which caused by sweat would tarnish metal.

3. You should also bear in mind that long-time use of a certain belt hole would make it become ugly and affect the whole effect and appearance of your belt.

4. In summer, it is easy for your belt to be ruined due to sweat stains. In order to prevent your belt from being chapped and senile, darkening and lack of luster, and even harden, you should be careful.

5. For those leather belts that you seldom use, you should hang them up vertically to keep them in good shape. Besides, you should maintain proper ventilation to protect against mould and moisture.

6. When your metal belt gets dirty, you¡¯d better erase it smoothly with TWEED. No scrubbing is needed, even to remove the toughest stains. You should never use wet cloth to wipe it energetically. Otherwise, it would lose luster and be lack of its beauty.

In short, leather belt is a practical single item in showing your beauty and style. What¡¯s more, it is a real art in our life. The more you know about it, the better taste you will have. You should appreciate it with an artistic eye. You should love it with an artistic emotion. Only in this way can you take advantage of the beauty and fashionable elements of your belt.

What Makes Women Love Diamonds?

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Diamonds are not the most valuable jewelry in the world. But all women love them. Diamond rings, diamond watches, diamond necklaces and any other diamond products for beauty are loved by women. Men could never understand women’s craze for diamonds. Have you ever heard a song with such words:” Diamonds are forever, sparkling round my little finger. Unlike men, the diamonds linger. Men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for”? It shows how women love diamonds. Then what makes diamonds so attractive to women?
Diamonds Make a Woman Looks like a Princess
Diamonds can make a girl or a woman look really glamorous. Diamonds are always shining. A woman with diamonds in a party must be the one who people pay much attention to as the diamonds are shining and glittering all day long. Diamonds make a woman look more elegant. With diamonds women feel more confident about themselves. Diamonds make woman looks like a princess or a queen who people always focus.
Diamonds are lasting forever
Ask any person what the symbol of a diamond is, he or she would tell you that it represents long lasting love. Diamonds are the best gifts for women from men. It is known by everyone that a guy giving a girl diamond means that he is ready to live his life with this particular girl. Diamonds can be kept for years with still glamorous. They stand the test of time and will not get damaged easily. A good diamond can be passed from generation to generations!
Diamonds are Symbols of Pure and Elegance
It is a world-known fact that diamonds are pure. That means the person who wears it is also pure. The elegance of a diamond is a woman’s fancy. Diamonds are classic as well as feminine at the same time. Diamonds give women the kind of feeling that words cannot describe. Diamonds are beautiful forever!
Women love diamonds because they want to be beautiful and want to be loved. This is the charms of diamonds which makes women crazy about them no matter how old they are.