Oris Kazuki Nakajima Day Date

December 30th, 2010 | watches |

A prestigious Swiss watch-making powerhouse, Oris carries on over one century of tradition in creating outstanding timepieces characterized by mechanical mastery and sublime aesthetics.
During its successful existence, the brand¡¯s specialists never ceased to create amazing timepieces which accommodate cutting-edge technologies, and for the enthusiast watch connoisseurs it became synonymous with amazing timepieces defined by mechanical complexity and original aesthetical expression.
To pay special homage to the brand¡¯s intimate partnership with the illustrious AT&T Williams Formula One team, recently Oris has pleasantly announced the brand new Oris Kazuki Nakajima Day Date watch in a limited production of 1,088 pieces, up for the grab.
The design of the watch reflects Kazuki’s world and takes inspiration from his Williams FW30. This gorgeous wristwatch is presented in a robust black PVD-coated stainless steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter. The PVD coating greatly adds a stand of sporty look to the splendid timepiece and enhances its resistant ability to a great extent.
The timepiece accommodates a high frequency automatic movement the remarkable ETA caliber 2824-2, incorporating the iconic Oris red rotor personalized with Kazuki¡¯s logo. Moreover, the funcitoning of the outstanding ETA caliber 2824-2 can be admired via the watch¡¯s exhibition case back.
The highly exclusive timepiece incorporates a black bezel fitted with a minute scale ring with an accented number ¡°8¡±, which echoes the racing number of the pilot. And it is shielded by a comfortable rubber strap fitted with tire pattern and the brand¡¯s signature flexible lugs, available at an approximate price tag of $1,500.00.

Aigo Digital Camera, Best Gift for Mom

December 25th, 2010 | others |

Christmas Day is coming! I am getting ready for a surprise gift for my dear mother who brought me up so hardly just as every mother did. How can we repay our hard-working mothers? Maybe we in the most part can choose to travel with them. Well, Aigo digital camera, I believe firmly, is your best choice.

Why do I suggest you should boast Aigo ditital camera? There are four reasons for it as follows:

Firstly, it is very stylish in term of its apperance.

When you see Aigo ditital camera at the first time, you would fall love with it. Its colour is very pure and decent. I love it not only because of its colour but of its style. Last year, I bought an Aigo digital camera. When I took it in front of my workmates, they got around it at once and appraized my good eyelight. One of them said that there was no other brand more stylish than Aigo. I really agreed with him.

Secondly, its total functions appear very attractive.

Aigo digital camera has such functions as: built-in wireless network module, sending and receiving e-mail, online chatting, online payment, online shopping, etc. How can you refuse so wonderful camera that has so total functions!

Thirdly, it is rather convenient.

As we all know, Aigo digital camera is very small. You even can carry it in your pocket! For everyone doesn’t like to take many thing to travel, the camera that we takes along with must be convenient to carry. I thought Aigo digital camera meets the requirement of the consumers very well. A friend of mine has an old big camera which is not the same convenient as the digital camera. It uses films for work. Whenever we travel together, he would feel very tired because of his heavy and big camera. Yesterday he told me that he had decided to buy a new Aigo digital camera. I thought it was a good idea.

Fourth, its quality is excellent.

It is generally said and thought Aigo digital camera was made of high-quality materials. How can we identify its quality? The simple way is to ask its warranty time. I can tell you that if there should be something wrong with your Aigo digital camera, you could change it for a new one in three year! My Aigo digital camera has been bought for about more than one year. There has been nothing wrong with it yet at all. So I believe its quality is excellent!

From the above I have written, you can draw a conclusion safely that it is necessary to have an Aigo digital camera for your travel with your dear mother on Christmas Day.


How To Buy Moblie Phone

December 22nd, 2010 | cellphone |

Cellphone  function apperance.As we all know that cellphone play a important role in daily life , without cellpone we can’t do lots things ,such as call a phone sent a  messages or listen to music. Most people have a,even two.Moblie phone become the daily necessities. Here have one question .How to buy moblie phone that is suitable to you.

NOKIA SONY Ericsson iphone and so on .Those which is fame on the world .They porduce thousands of type of cellphones . Now comare common classificantion is divided into folding turn phones (single, double screen) , upright type , a type, rotary and several other classes. These are classified according to apperance. According to the functions and characteristics of the division, the phone can be divided into: fashion phone, business cellphone, taking photographs moblie phones and music moblie phone. So if you have decied which kind of cellphone is suitable for you, buy it.

If i were you ,i have three steps to buy cellphone. The frist step : make sure what type cellphone i want .Personally, i like upright.Because it can directly see screen shows content and is  convenient clean. Second step:what kind of functions and characteristics you want .Different people have different requirements. If you are a music lover, you should choose in music broadcast performance good mobile phone. If you really love photos you should buy pixels higher clear pictures of taking pictures better performance mobile phone. Decide how you phone and the performance and appearance of appearance.Third, be a smart consumers. Mobile phone brand many, design also many. But there are some performance style photograph like mobile phones prices were quite different. So, if you want to buy mobile phone must have contrast on others.

Many people will have a kind of advocating buy brand of behavior, because they feel there’s a brand of items are very different. They feel it’s a brand of items on quality is guaranteed, so they buy felt relieved. With that, because have brand when they feel very have a face, like in tell others this is famous brand of things.


An Analysis to Sunglasses Fashion 2010

December 10th, 2010 | watches |

As an important accessory, sunglasses hold an irreplaceable in today¡¯s fashion industry. If you want to be a true fashion person, you must have an eye on the latest sunglasses trends that have been or will be presented on the runway. Then you will be able to catch the trends, find the right sunglasses for you and become focus of attention.

The keyword for sunglasses fashion 2010 is ¡°retro¡±. The retro tough on these sunglasses can improve the wearer¡¯s temperament. It seems that sunglasses on the runway spare no effort to impress audience with unorthodox designs.Accessories are the spokesman of your unique style and state. The 2010 catwalk eyewear trend knows well this point and fully interprets it.

As we know, accessories are born to match and enhance the style and the look of the outfits. Not a few fashion designs this year feel distinctive with future-oriented, novel or retro designs. So it it no wonder that the designs of accessories follow accordingly.

To be unique and faddish is always a top rule of fashion designs. And that is why items shown on the runways can attract people. Nowadays, retro vintage, funky and contemporary designs are highly sought after. And when it comes to sunglasses design, gemstone setting sunglasses, aviator style sunglasses, irregular-shaped sunglasses and faded geek sunglasses are extremely attractive.

Celebrities are the first group of people that know the charm of sunglasses. In recent year, more and more common people aware the importance a right pair of sunglasses to their fashionable ourfits. And on the accessory industry, the status of sunglasses is further enhanced.

Buying Diamonds Online-Never Be Too Careful

December 4th, 2010 | watches |

A watch is to a man what cloth is to woman. A watch is more a timepiece than a accessories that it reflect a person¡¯s taste, fortune, and social background. There are many difference between men¡¯s watch and women¡¯s watches, which could be distinguished through the facts listed below.
Men¡¯s watch emphasize on its functions. Watches designed for man usually have more functions than that designed for women. A watch contains more technologies such as weatherglass, height gauge can draws the eyes easily because men pay more attention to the practical functions of watch. While women seem to show no too much interest on watch¡¯s function. More often they accept it as a time keeper and a accessories, so it is not surprised to see that women¡¯s watch is fancy or gaudy. In many cases, women wear a watch on the purpose to make themselves more attractive.
In the color aspects, a single, high purity cold tone is the mainstream of men¡¯s watches. Black is priority color in designing men¡¯s watch. However, the dark tone which men highly regard is not cared too much by women. They commonly have keen interest of painted and technicolored watches. Women¡¯s watch often leads a fashion with its exquisite design.
Men¡¯s watches are usually bigger than women¡¯s. Mans watches straps are thick and their colors are all dark tone. However, woman¡¯s watches straps are thin and their colors are painted. Generally, men¡¯s watches are designed to have more lines and edges, which reflect the men¡¯s machismo. While women¡¯s watches are designed with soft line, apply palely, romantic integral feeling so that they can sets female¡¯s figure off to advantage.