Tissot Michael Owen Watch – Perfect for Sports Fans

November 21st, 2010 | watches |

Tissot¡¯s heartfelt commitment to the world of watch making is indisputable, as every new timepiece debuted in the market by Tissot is the ultimate statement of creation, progress and originality.
During its long years of evolution, Tissot has formed a strong bond with the rigorous field of football. To pay special homage to its intimate collaboration with the prestigious footballer, Michael Owen and their 10th anniversary, Tissot spares no effort in producing the brand new Tissot Michael Owen watch. With the creation of the latest model called the Tissot Michael Owen watch, Tissot heals to the calls of those who appreciate quality and genuine performance.
The watch is a limited edition watch and the one presented to Owen is the number 10 watch, in honor of his national team number. The watch comes with a silver dial but that color is highlighted by striking red which can be seen all over the bezel secured by a sleek stainless steel bracelet strap. The caseback frames a football-like image actually features an image of one of Michael¡¯s boots, the limited number 10 and of course, his engraved signature.
The Tissot Michael Owen watch is available in a limited edition of only 4,999 pieces, is guaranteed to look good but comes with the durability of a watch that is willingly navigating to a depth of up to 200 meters, beneath the sea surface. It’s definitely an appealing watch and in a different league to most World Cup merchandise, which is reflected in the price of approximately $600.00.

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Review of Harry Winston Midnight Chrono Tourbillon

November 19th, 2010 | watches |

The Midnight Chrono Tourbillon is the weirdest watch Harry Winston releases these years. From view of design, it is totally a mess. That is my exact feeling at the very first sight and I confirm my feeling after a close look. What is wrong with Harry Winston? Why it does this?

It seems that Harry Winston spares no effort to create a watch that has the dial of Audemars Piguet Millenary and Royal Oak style hands. However, Harry Winston states that they capture the cream of edge-cutting technology, creativity and novel design and made this watch. That is a bit bullshit. Harry Winston should be shamed for such crappy coppy. Actually, I admire Harry Winston¡¯s courage and efforts in presenting new design these years and I have to some designs are really gorgeous. But I can not put up with the design of the Midnight Chrono Tourbillon.

Well, the 44 case, that crafted from either from 18k rose gold or white gold, looks nice with some HW characters. The dial is where the mess begins. At first sight, it loses asymmetry terribly. The right side of the dial is too busy, while the left side is too sparse. I feel it uses too much gold- the lines are just a bit too thick. While with novel display, the minute chronograph disc looks like an afterthought. The “12″ and “6″ Arabic numeral hour indicators feels like they are forced to become part of the dial ¨Cnot harmonious with the overall design at all. The flying tourbillon looks beautiful, but it can not save the dial from a mess.

In general, the design of the watch is too terrible to accept ¨Cat least for me. But as a watch from Harry Winston, it still has very good finish and quality.

On Avoiding the Radiation From Mobile Phones

November 8th, 2010 | watches |

With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have been indispensable to people. In order to better communicate and keep in touch with each other, even children and the old have their mobile phones. To a great extent, mobile phones make life better, easier and more convenient. However, as every coin has two sides, the radiation from mobile phones is harmful to people’s health. The radiation is, in fact, the electromagnetic wave by which messages are transmitted. Harmfulness caused by it includes the damage to brains, the emergence of Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson disease, etc. Thus, we should avoid the mobile phone radiation as much as possible. Here are my ideas of avoiding the radiation when we use mobile phones.

First of all, we should keep mobile phones away from our bodies if we do not have calls. Men usually put them in trousers pockets, while women often hang them around necks. In such ways, radiation will harm people’s health directly. Some people get used to putting mobile phones beside the pillows when they go to sleep, because it is more convenient to know the time or messages. Experts point out that the radiation has great damage to brains. Although we turn off our mobile phones, the radiation exists and its bad effect does not weaken.

Secondly, we should avoid the radiation when we make calls. After we dial a number, there is usually an interval of several seconds before we get through. During the interval, it is better to hold the mobile phone away from ears. Furthermore, frequent movements will cause much radiation in a short period as the movements result in the instability of strong and weak signals.

Thirdly, radiation does more harm to us when we make long-time calls. Using telephones or wearing earphones can avoid the radiation more effectively, if we need to talk with others for a long time. Children, pregnant women and the old should pay more attention to this matter.

Finally, using radiation-proof mobile phone covers is an available way. Most of the covers are made of metal fibre and cloth which can avoid the radiation. At present, mobile phones of CDMA technique are popular among young people. Those mobile phones are also named “green mobile phones” , for they are radiation-proof.

To protect ourselves from the radiation, there are still many methods we should know. I believe that more and more radiation-proof techniques will be applied to mobile phones.