Superior Position of Switzerland Watch Industry

October 31st, 2010 | watches |

In the watch kingdom of the world, nobody would ignore the well-known watch brands from Switzerland. Such watches may share the same point for expensive price and elaborate handicraft. However, the watch industry would not be the native one originating from such land. So how the watch manufacturing would gain the leading or even monotonous position in the world market today?

At the end of 16th century, French watch makers came to Switzerland with the craft to integrate the industry of local gold and silver jewelry industry. Gradually the watch manufacturing industry was formed. At the first stage, the manufacturing is on a basis of purified hand-making. In 1845, the mechanism was applied to the industry, since then it had become a modern industry. Switzerland watch manufacturing would pay attention on the innovation and research on latest technology. In order to compete with the fierce competition in the world market, they found the electronic watch manufacturing center and research institution for R&D, which ensure a great amount of innovation for the world. For instance, the first quartz watch of the world in 1967, the earliest LCD digital display technology, the thinnest watch by the thickness of 1mm, and the body temperature battery for watch, etc.

In the high-level watch area, Switzerland watch manufacturing industry even dedicates to the special purpose and meaning for the tailor-made research on luxury and unique watch. Just like the one for American buyer with the carving of Statue of Liberty, the moon symbol for the giant wealth of Arabic world.

Meanwhile, Switzerland watch would be with the impressive and sound marketing strategy to illustrate the outstanding disposition of watch and the ideal to be perfect, extreme and successful. Take OMEGA for example, it insists on the spirit of brave innovation and the obedience for traditional beauty at the same time. With the purpose of being outstanding and transferring the sense of success, it has invited lots of famous people from sportsmen to entertainment pop stars as the representative of the brand. Such kind of professional advertisement would be also the vial means for Switzerland watch industry to take a lead for fashion world.

The Feathers of Tourbillon Watches

October 28th, 2010 | watches |

The tourbillon watch was invented about 200 years ago by the great French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet. Because of its exceptional beauty and technology, it has captivated the buying public, and the tourbillon watches is considered to be one of the most challenge of mechanical watches. However, since its high price, most people can’t afford turbillon watches of beauty.

As we all know, gravity is thought to have a very bad effect on the accuracy of timepieces. When the timepiece was placed vertically, the axis of motion of movements would be parallel to the ground, and thus the force of gravity would affect the parts of movement differently in different position. The parts may move with gravity or against the gravity, which will affect the rate of the movement. Therefore, the rate of the movement is changed and cause inaccuracy. In order to solve this problem, Tourbillon watches negate the effect of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel into a carriage which rotates around the axis once per minute, and thus it can reduce the effect of gravity. It seems very simple, but it is very difficult to achieve this goal. There are two reasons. The first one is the weight of the carriage and tourbillon shouldn’t heavier than 0.3 grams which is equal to a feather of a swan. The other reason is that it is consisted of 72 meticulous components most of which is made by handwork. Due to the intensive labor and extreme difficulty of manufacturing these watches, there are a few manufacturers making tourbillon watches in the world. Tourbillon watches include double-axis tourbillon, double and quadruple tourbillon and triple-axis tourbillon.

In a word, undoubtedly it is one of most fascinating complications of mechanical watches and a visually wonderful work of art. It is also one of the most valued watches that collectors should have.

Common Features of Classic Watches

October 24th, 2010 | watches |

Classic watches are loved by most people because of their special designs. Classic watches for women are always elegant. Have you ever seen a classic watch? What are the common features of these various classic watches?
Well, a classic watch is the one being categorized according to the year it were made and developed. Usually a classic watch is from the world top watch brands. As a high-end watch, it is worn and loved by people from upper class. The two basic types of classic watches are pocket classic watch and wrist classic watch. These watches are symbols of endless style and elegance.
The Common Features of Classic Watches in the Watch Market Today:
1. Classic watches are all expensive watches. Most Of them are above hundred thousands dollars. The prices of these watches are not always decided by the manufacturers. The common features of these watches decide the values of them. Every classic watch has its own features that others do not have.
2. Classic watches are those watches from world famous watch brands which have hundreds of watch making history. These watch brands have their own traditions of watch making and they would not abandon their traditions no matter how advanced the technology is. The classic watches from these old watch brands are works of art, but not an ordinary watch.
3. Classic watches all have formal looks. Most of the classic watches for the fair sex are sold in elegant boxes in the market. That means a classic watch can be a perfect gift.
4. Classic watches are not ancient watches. They are combinations of advanced technology and traditional technology. It is such combination that makes the watches classic and valuable.
Classic watches are not special watches. No matter how many new watches being produced each year, these watches are always the top watches in the market. Buying a classic watch is surely a good investment.

Nixon Watches

October 17th, 2010 | watches |

A newly established company in California in 1997 by the joint effort of Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna, Nixon is an accessories company that is committed to producing more excellent goods for the youth lifestyle market. Originally the company mainly majored in manufacturing watches for professionals in surfing, skating, snowboarding, skiing, and fashion stores. In 2000, Nixon occupied more market share by launching limited softgoods. In January of 2006, Nixon was bought out by Billabong International for around $54.6 million American dollars. Now Nixon is a international company with business in more than twenty-five countries.
Nixon watches are mainly crafted for outdoor activities, and they have gained soaring popularity with their purchase by Billabong. At one time Nixon watches were once classified into a categorized system with such notable names as business and elite. Recently their watch line mainly consits of three categories, including men¡¯s, women¡¯s as well as elite types.
Nixon watches differ a lot in function and style. A great number of watch styles have been innovated or have been withdrawn from the market place. Current watch selections will often have several different styles for the same production model.
Above all, Nixon is ranked at the forefront in watch production and sales. Though relatively new in the watch making industry, they have succeed in becoming a first rate supplier for accessories. Their products range from simple seeming watches such as the Time Tell P to the heavy metal 51-30 divers range.
Unlike other watch companies in the market, Nixon spares no effort in creating bold new designs. Some of them do not even use numbers and only rend either a dot or the hands for viewing. These watches are quite faithful and accurate as you can see from the two novelties from this line, including the Newton and the Vega.

Review of Raymond Weil Nabucco Va Pensiero Watch

October 9th, 2010 | watches |

Raymond Weil¡¯s well-known nabucco watch collection has been enriched by a new watch that is crafted from titanium.Inheriting the stylished design and nice architecture, the new watch brim swith low-key elegance in gray-grained graphite. The collection¡¯s innovative values and mythical forms are thus carried on.

Named after the renowned Verdi chorus, the The nabucco Va, Pensiero tries to give off as much power and nobility as the great opera by the great Italian composer via durable materis, adorable watch-making mastery and stylish designs. The new Raymond Weil watch, representing freedon and independence, can be regarded as a star in the modern watch world that calls for revolution.

The watch case, including the round bezel featuring tachymeter scale, is made from high class titanium that is quitel light-weight and duarable. The case has fitted with screw-down pusher buttons and watch crown and solid case back, ensuring a water resistance of 660ft

Beating inside the watch is an ETA 7753 tri-compax movement that may delight lovers of high-end luxury watches. With a frequency of 28,800vph, the movement ensure precise and reliable time-telling functions for thie watch.

The central zone of the dial has the subdials (30 minutes at 3 o’clock, 12 hours at 6 and small seconds at 9) and the date window at 4:30 and features grey accents and three screws for ideal time-reading. The hands and hour markers are applied with lumious stuff to ensure clear time reading in the evening or places of poor lighting.

The watches is completed by a crocodylus niloticus leather strap featuring saddle-stching and double push-piece security.The impeccaple appearance of the the nabucco Va, Pensiero once again proves the brand¡¯s talent in stylish designs.

Feel the Love with Hublot Big Bang Red

October 7th, 2010 | watches |

As soon as I laid eyes on this remarkable big bang red by Hublot, a wonderful celestail scene that the timepiece seemed to have floated out of the the night sky with burning passion just like a bunch of resplendent flame came into my mind. It is hard to believe such a thing could have been created on our earth, in our time.
There is something so out worldly and extensive about the dial like one is looking at the nights sky from a far far away mountain top. The dial is protected by a scratch resistant Sapphire crystal crafted with interior/exterior anti-reflective treatment.
The bezel is stainless steel paved with 126 diamonds (0.87 ct.) and punctuated with 6 H-shaped sunken, polished and blocked titanium screws. The hands of the Big Bang red are Rhodium faceted and diamond-set with white luminous markings enabling time display in the dark.
The band is a crimson alligator leather complimenting the dial and top of the crown in the same vibrant red. The bezel lug and lateral inserts are both crafted from red composite resin.
Encased in snowy white 38mm ceramic case , available in quartz movement, the white ceramic contrasting with alluring red creates an elegant look
Although Valentines Day is still a long way to go, it is never to early to begin seeking for a gift for your loved one either for that perfect day or for some other holidays. Dazzle your special someone with the glimmering timepiece. You simply can not go wrong with this purchase.